The Joy of Standing Outside

Photo by Baurzhan Kadylzhanov on

A quick note on reconnecting with nature.  Last week I spoke about my experience on Sunday morning, feeling overwhelmed and then going outside with the dog and feeling calm.  I want to reiterate how important it is to connect with nature.  The weather is changing here in the mid-west and it’s getting hotter and hotter, but it feels amazing.  The awakening is finally here.  The trees and flowers are blooming.  I’m about to plant my first garden (raised bed).  I felt that moment of overwhelm disappear as soon as I heard those birds last week.  The list of things I have to do isn’t life.  The things I DO are life.  Clarity is key.

Being outside for those few minutes, watching the dog, hearing all the different birds and the bees, feeling the breeze across my skin made me feel completely alive.  Those sensations completely brought me back to the moment and I realized that life happens because of what we do, not what happens to us.  The animals were just going about their business.  They don’t worry about the list of things, they just do.  And so did I.  The list always seems endless but it is usually the same.  I can shift things around and, the bottom line is, if I want to achieve certain things, I am the only one who can do them.  That last isn’t said with any malice or anger, it is divine acceptance.

We get to steer our ship and it is reconnecting with nature that allows us to remember that.  The moments we feel too busy or overwhelmed with what we have to do, that’s more often than not the sign we need to slow down.  Taking a few minutes to breathe and center and get a different perspective are often all we need.  I didn’t ground or do any kind of elaborate ceremony (although there is absolutely a time and place for that), all I did was allow.  The act of allowing is transformational.  Sometimes it’s significant, sometimes it’s just allowing the breeze to flow around you.  You can’t change it anyway, so let go of any resistance.

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