Photo by Eric Smart on Pexels.com

“Pain is inevitable, struggle is optional,” Buddha.  I think I just wanted to share a brief reminder that we can choose how we experience this world.  The more we are able to keep moving forward, the better off we are.  When we allow ourselves to get stuck and stagnant that is when we lose sight of reality.  Not all is as bad as it seems or as we fear it is.  I love this quote because it’s honest.  Living isn’t easy and we all have painful experiences.  We face loss, struggle, fear, betrayal, and heartache and that is just in the daily course of life.  But we don’t have to struggle with that.  We can learn to accept that the beauty of life is making a life in spite of the things that come our way.  We can accept that these are the things that make us appreciate life. 

I think I’ve actually written on this very quote before but I think after time and new experiences there is additional perspective to it.  Eventually you learn that there is sweetness in the bitterness and that we aren’t really alone.  I think we often forget how time changes things both for the good and the bad.  We want to move forward in the worst way but we look for security so we continue the same patterns we know expecting something different.  We forget that we have to give up what we know to get something new.  It is painful to let go of what you know but there comes a point where it’s more painful to hold onto it. 

Change happens whether you are ready for it or not and the sooner you embrace it, the sooner you will be able to move forward.  The sooner you will be able to adapt and move into what you are meant to.  It’s a decision, and I know how challenging that is as someone who desperately clings to the past.  Making a decision means that you’re letting go of something else.  The key, however, is that in every decision we make, we also have the capacity to decide how we feel about it, or rather how we perceive it.  We can choose to accept the pain or struggle against it.  The pain happens, but we can be brief about it and recover or we can sit with it and constantly cut it open.  I choose to move forward and allow the healing.    

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