Reality Creation

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I had a moment this past weekend that has weighed on me a bit.  We watched some trash TV that embellished some real events and I had a revelation: there is only so much the human mind can take before it breaks.  Even the strongest people can fall apart.  We all try our hardest and sometimes the universe has some curve balls that come our way.  It isn’t that people are “crazy,” it’s more that they are broken.  They’ve experienced enough trauma in their lives that their minds do not work as they once did.  I know, this is not truly a revelation, but the part that got to me is how the media skews events.  This story was so outlandish that most people wouldn’t believe it was real and it was presented to the world as victim versus villain (but you got to decide which party was which). 

How we tell a story and what we tell ourselves really matters.  The mind is so powerful.  We haven’t been taught to discern facts.  We’ve been taught to regurgitate stories without questioning their full scope or all sides.  When you start to see how people shield themselves from pain or how they learn to cope with pain, you see that their worlds make sense.  We can’t look at a snap shot in time and make a decision about who a person is.  There is context missing.  Now, I know that we can’t always spend the time to do a deep dive, but we can control that impulse to judge. We are all doing the best we can.  Just because it isn’t what someone else would do doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  Humans aren’t meant to be deciphered in 140 characters or less—we are the sum of a lifetime of experiences so ease up a bit.

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