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I think we need to talk globally for a moment here and reconnect to how the individual ties into the bigger picture.  There are significant events happening in this world right now, events that tear my heart up because I know in my gut, with every fiber of my being that we do NOT need to be starting wars to satisfy man’s ego in this day and age.  I don’t understand how we can continue to wage war for the sake of pride and money.  I ask when we will learn that the greater is bigger than the individual and that we all have a part to play.  The sooner we accept that part, the sooner we awaken a new possibility to what this life can be like.  I believe it can be amazing for everyone—but that means letting go of what we’ve created or reshaping it into something that does work.  If we allow thoughts like I had about myself to infiltrate our minds, we start to seek ways to satisfy and numb that feeling whether it is a power play, an act of aggression, or simply finding ways to control the situation.        

The bottom line is that when we aren’t fulfilling our purpose, or when we mistake our purpose for something to satisfy the ego, terrible things can happen.  My intention is to light up the world through awakening what it is that your spirit needs you to do.  I want to stop situations like we are currently facing with Ukraine from ever happening again.  I want to stop domestic violence and aggression against anyone from happening when it stems from that egoic place.  In order to remove the ego, we must get in touch with ourselves.  We must learn to align with who we are and who we are meant to be.  I don’t pretend for a moment that my issues are of any type of significance to anyone—but the principles I share ARE.  That I know with my heart.

I know what humans are capable of, both good and bad.  Honestly I think we all know that on some level.  I also know that those in a place of privilege need to pave the way to shift the paradigms we are all sitting on.  We know how we function no longer benefits the whole and we know that we can’t sustain this type of life.  So while my issues with work aren’t impacting the greater good, how I decide to deal with those small moments is.  I’m learning how to create a different type of vibration in the world.  I don’t need to get angry and sulk that things aren’t going my way.  I need to take action and create opportunities.  That is the lesson we all need to learn.  We can no longer pretend to be victims when we truly hold the power.  We have choices and the biggest choice we yield is our ability to act and how we control our emotions. 

Having a broader understanding of what we are meant to do and learning what our purpose is and maintaining a spiritual connection are key.  I’m not talking about going delusional and thinking our way is the right way—that’s all back to ego—but I am talking about accepting that we each have our calling and each of those callings are needed for some reason.  We have all experienced war, we have all lived through wars in our time.  Honestly, what is so sad is that in our entire history, I believe we’ve spent more time at war than we have at peace.  Think about it: even in times of relative global peace, we are constantly at war with ourselves in some way.  I want to give people permission to stop that internal fighting.  To stop that internal need to satisfy what we are told we can’t have.  I want to encourage the growth of the individual and the creation of a world that functions in vibration with the gift of this life. 

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