The Coating

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“Gratitude Erases negativity—you can protect your mind with one simple coating—gratitude,” Steve Harvey.  Somehow the image of gratitude as a coating, a balm of sorts, for the mind somehow made me feel a real sense of peace.  I’ve been working on a gratitude practice for a long time and I share part of that with you on Sundays.  That’s just a small snippet of what I do.  There is something to be said for a state of gratitude that not only calms the soul, but brings an awareness to our purpose as well as our presence.  The key to being grateful is to appreciate it all.  It’s truly not only about getting what we want.  It’s about knowing that we have everything we need to get by in this moment.  That gratitude is a protection against any potential negativity that we can project in our mind.

When we focus on gratitude we are present and attuned to the state of what IS.  Not worrying about what will be or what could be.  No.  There is a firm grounding in reality when we are grateful because that is about something tangible.  Throw in a because statement and then you start solidifying the feeling. For example, “I’m grateful for x because it allows me to do y.”  Knowing why you are grateful for something allows you to know why you do it as well as what you will go for next.  It’s the purpose behind the action.  It means that we can appreciate what we have while working toward what is next.  Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Be grateful and ambitious.”  Ambition doesn’t mean you’re not satisfied, we aren’t talking complacence.  But appreciating what you have allows you to leverage for what you need. 

I think with the state of the world right now, worrying about current events, social climate, climate change, and any potential future we have for our children, we need to find a way to be grateful.  So many people are trying to find their happiness in ways that have potential repercussions for all and forever.  We have to realize how immensely privileged we are to be alive and stop worrying about who got the short end of the stick and wonder why, in a world with such vast supplies, there were different size straws to begin with.  We created a system that doesn’t work any longer.  And that is fine, we are all doing the best we can with what we have.  But we have to start looking at different ways to do the best we can.  We have to look at what time means. 

Life itself is precious and we are owed nothing in the grand scheme of things.  But we have opportunities to do great things if we appreciate what we have.  When we appreciate we are recognizing the possibility that was given to us.  It’s those little things that we don’t see are the big things.  Take the time to make every moment count in its own way.  Don’t let that inner voice or the voice of anyone else cloud what you know in your heart and soul.  Simply enjoy.  Be.  Appreciate every second and relish it.  That’s where the magic is.  When you see how much of reality is amazing, you can’t let what you may not get take over.  In the end none of that matters anyway.  What you do with what you have, seeing the reminders that all is well, how much you love…that is the heart of it.  Life moves fast.  Let’s spread the light while we still can.  Listen to your soul and follow what you know is right, and be grateful.  There is always hope.

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