Not The End

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“Sometimes you think it’s going wrong, it’s God telling you to fight through,” Fat Joe.  I attended a conference this weekend and got to hear Fat Joe speak.  He pulled no punches regarding the highs and lows of his career and how he lives his life and that is what he was referencing when he said the opening quote.  One thing I’ve learned working with and observing this group is that literally no one lets anything stop them.  They take every negative and turn it around.  They live with the philosophy that nothing goes wrong in their lives—it’s all for a reason.  Often we just need to be patient and wait to see what comes of the situation instead of stressing over it.  I know it’s cliché, but think of every challenge you’ve faced in your life: you’ve gotten through them all.

Life isn’t meant to go exactly how we plan—if it’s meant to go how we plan at all.  No, as time moves on it becomes more clear that the universe has it’s own agenda and we are all just players.  That’s how it’s meant to be.  I wrote the other day about comfort and learning to allow the universe to shape you into the person you’re meant to be and a lot of times that can be painful, maybe even scary.  But the point is, it’s all happening exactly as it needs to. 

I think this quote stood out too because it came from someone who you’d think wouldn’t have those types of issues.  Someone who has achieved financial success wouldn’t necessarily come across as someone who has the same types of issues other people do.  But that speaks to our shared humanity.  It goes to show that finances aren’t the be all and end all, either.  Money can help alleviate some of the every day issues, but there are still things we have to deal with.  You still have to worry about the people you surround yourself with and what their intentions are.  And it doesn’t matter what level you’ve achieved, everything can still tumble down at any time. 

The key with the latter point is to know that even if it seems like everything falls apart, it isn’t the end.  If you wake up, you have a purpose.  It doesn’t matter what the outside looks like as long as you keep going.  And if it feels like everything is going wrong, know that may be some redirection or simply some protection.  We set an expectation for what something needs to look like in our minds and anything that isn’t that may pale in comparison.  But we have to know that our purpose isn’t the same as the purpose for us.  Our purpose comes when we are aligned with what we are meant to do, not when we think we know what it’s supposed to be.  So be grateful when things look a little shaky because that means you are being brought onto more stable ground.  Don’t let the fact it may be the bottom fool you: that’s when you can make the moves to get to the top.    

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