Comfort Addiction

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The biggest drug is comfort and I speak from personal experience.  You combine a fear of failure or a fear of lack of security and you lose the ability to feel secure in what you’re looking for.  You start to settle for what people tell you is enough and you settle for what you’re told is secure.  They never tell you it’s also the fastest way to lose touch or sight of your dreams.  If all you’re doing is shooting to be comfortable and attain perceived security, then you aren’t working on the bigger picture: your purpose.  We are trained to seek safety, that is human nature.  But we’ve mistaken comfort as safety.  We’ve forgotten that all of that safety can be taken away in a second.

I’ve been fortunate over my life.  Yes, I’ve had tragedies like anyone else, but I haven’t truly known hardship on a daily basis.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t known loss.  I faced loss head on starting at four years old and all the way through my early twenties.  I struggle with connection to people and faced extreme bullying.  Couple the bullying with the losses, and I often felt my world falling apart because I was alone.  Again, I’m fortunate that my needs have been met, I don’t pretend I’m not, but the trauma still creates a response or a proclivity to find safety, and for me safety is comfort. 

Always looking for the easy way stifles creativity and seeking comfort steers you away from the opportunities to see things in a different way.  In order to grow and develop into the person you are meant to be, you have to be shaped by your experiences.  We can’t shy away from what is going to make us who we are and sometimes the things we are trying to avoid are the very things we need to get what we’ve asked for.  That’s how it works—it’s our job to trust that it will all make sense even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment.  Don’t give up and don’t give in to what you know for the sake of familiarity.

One thought on “Comfort Addiction

  1. I have been thinking on this post ALL day. So many nuggets. You have me now going over my life with a fine tooth comb under the light of these words. I see now why I had stopped so many times. Wow. Awesome and much needed. Also putting light to why I have been led, for months, to embrace these hard things and not focus on why of them or trying to get away from them. Am growing daily. Awesome words!!


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