Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for perspective.  There is a lot going on in the world and it is so easy to either give into the fear or get angry or to feel helpless.  The truth is there is a lot I don’t understand about what’s happening and I’m sure many of you are in the same boat.  But the perspective we need is this: if we have breath in our bodies we can do something.  We can do our part to wake up and spread light and love.  We can set a new boundary for what we will and will not tolerate.  We can create a new love of humanity and a new standard for how we treat each other.  Our job, especially when we feel like we can’t do anything, is to wake up and speak up.  We are meant to recognize what is right for everyone and break the chains of what we no is no longer right.

Today I am grateful to have a better understanding of what I need.  I’ve been doing a ton of self-reflection and thinking about what “self” means and “purpose” and along with that, “need.”  We sometimes fall back into old patterns where we confuse what we want with what we need, we are only human.  But when we can take away the extraneous, the things we have been told we need, sometimes it’s at the bottom of the barrel, we find who we are.  We have to get really honest about what is an actual necessity and what is merely nice to have or what we’ve used to feel comfortable.  Comfort is net a requirement to get through life.  No.  Our example is.  How we work through those hardships speaks to who we are.

Today I am grateful to be awake and to have woken up.  As long as we wake up, we still have a purpose, our journey isn’t done.  I’m grateful to be healthy, to still have the opportunity to fulfill my role.  I’m grateful to spend another day with my family and to have their love and to get to learn from them.  To see my son’s curiosity and to see the world through his eyes.  I’m grateful to feel the comfort of my husband’s arms and I do not take for granted our ability to be together.  I’m grateful to understand the world a bit differently today, and my place in it.

Today I am grateful to learn.  I’ve been able to spend the last few days virtually attending a conference for one of my side jobs.  It was a truly relevatory experience and taught me a lot.  I’ve learned a lot about our purpose and seeing that we can all fulfill our own purpose in the most unexpected of ways.  I’ve seen that sometimes we have to take the leap even if we don’t fully understand what we are doing.  I’ve learned that we don’t always know what is best for us and that the world can surprise us with exactly what we need as long as we are open to seeing the opportunity.  And most importantly, I’ve learned that in order to get anywhere in life, we need to trust.  We need relationships and we need help.  We can’t go it alone.  I mean, we can, but we won’t be able to get the same result.

Today I’m grateful to finally understand the difference between enjoying the journey and the destination.  I have more detail on this in a piece I have been working on, but it changes the perspective I’ve lived with.  I used to want to get things done and I’ve spoken many times about living life like a check list.  There are a couple of issues with living like that.  1 is that we either keep adding things to the list or someone else does—it will never be finished.  And 2, the last thing on that list is death.  That isn’t something we want to rush toward.  We need to learn how to take in what we can while we have the opportunity.  There are certain things we don’t want to rush in life.  There are things we need to savor.  Time passes all too quickly even if we have the same amount of hours in the day.  We have to appreciate what we have.

Today I am grateful to be in flow.  I’m still not very good at maintaining this yet, but I will appreciate every second that I am able to be present and stay in the moment.  Things are changing in my life and I am welcoming them.  They are far out of the ordinary for me, but they are exactly what I need.  I am grateful to feel the presence of change and to be taking risks and opportunities.  I am grateful for the opportunities that are coming my way this week.  We are on the precipice of change and I look forward to it.  This is the awakening.  This is the stepping into identity.  This is the stepping up. 

Today I am grateful for the privilege of taking care of myself. I’ve been able to take a few days off of my 9-5 and that not only gave me some time to reset mentally, I was able to do some grounding work. Along with finding flow, I’ve been able to release some of the pressure valve. I’ve taken actions over the last few days to set me up in the future and that offer substantial change. I can’t explain it, but I feel so grateful to find these things. I am grateful to be able to take time to work out when I want to and to be able to afford healthy food for myself and my family and to have the time to spend with my family. I’m grateful to have the chance to continue to improve.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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