More Coincidences

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I shared some stories about coincidences in last Wednesday’s piece, Unagi.  I really wanted to go more in depth about the coincidences (that aren’t really coincidences) that keep happening.  I have a fabulous mentor for one of my side gigs and we met last week.  She graciously and lovingly talked me through some intense things happening in my life and tried to help find viable solutions to some of what I was carrying.  She told me that it’s time to really integrate and believe the messages I’m sharing because it’s easy to spout that to someone else but it’s another thing to live from that place.  She also talked about obstacles and learning to apply them as an opportunity (not an unfamiliar subject here).  I don’t know if it is a level of delusion or what, but I had to take a moment and understand that yes, that will apply to my life as well.  If we want to grow, we will face obstacles—and that includes me.  The next day, I drew the cards and “Obstacles” came up.  That was complete affirmation of everything she told me.

I’m now done with both Greenlights and The Archer.  I follow an inspirational group for a good morning pep talk and they were relaying a story about the Silva Method.  This is essentially a technique developed in the 50’s by Jose Silva to tap into different energy levels of the brain and increase “psychic” abilities.  I don’t totally think that type of thing is BS because I truly don’t believe in coincidences—I believe they are SIGNS and meant to be.  It isn’t just a statistical anomaly, that is a message.  Regardless, this talk resonated as it relates to brain waves and the science behind thought so I kept listening.  As it went on, they suddenly started talking about Matthew McConaughey, specifically his quote about the target drawing the arrow.  We are always meant to be exactly where we are.

There is SOMETHING linking us all together and there are signs in the places you least expect them.  The talk I was listening to was so obscure and mentioned a technique I had never heard of and was still tied to something I had just experienced. I had no way of knowing this individual had a conversation like that with the actor and author of the book I had just read.  A book about devouring life through sticking the course and having faith.  About setting intentions and believing so deeply there is no choice but for those visions to come to fruition.  For trusting what we are shown and knowing that even if we don’t see it now, if we can’t touch it now that we are right where we are supposed to be.  These things are what makes coincidence validation.  That gives me enough belief in the universe to trust that no matter what happens, it is exactly as it is meant to be—there are no mistakes.

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