Live Your Life

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I want to talk about the opportunity to live.  There are reasons we are so sad when we lose a loved one or a pet.  Yes, life is too short no matter how much time we have, but what makes it more painful is that, as we lose people/pets/things, we realize that we never really lived when we had the chance.  We spend our time trying to create identities and trying to be liked.  We tell stories we don’t even believe in order to fit in and we spend our time fulfilling other people’s dreams before our own.  I’m talking about fulfilling expectations from our parents as well as our jobs/school/friends…anyone else.  Then as our time dwindles, or when we unexpectedly lose someone close to us, we start looking at what we are doing differently.  We question how we spend our time.  we ask where our value really lies and the value of the life we are living. 

As I wrote yesterday’s piece about our purpose and not having to fulfill some grand idea of what we are meant to do, the idea of a plant just sitting there being enough struck me.  I mean, duh, I shared it.  But the point really got me thinking about purpose.  Plants literally do nothing more than sit there and go through their entire life cycle in one place.  That is all they are meant to do yet are vital to our existence.  We live in a society that glorifies beauty and gain so much so that we’ve lost touch with the quiet beauty of what is.  We protect the image over the reality because we are afraid the reality won’t be deemed worthy.  We project those fears on others and self-reject before they can hurt us.  Because the truth is, it’s a fine line of wanting to be accepted and putting on a show.  Our lives aren’t a performance piece but the quality is determined by what we do with it.

I sincerely hope that these words resonate and encourage a journey of self-love so powerful that our foundation is unshakeable in our purpose.  That people remember who they are IS enough and that the simple things can be so much greater than the big production we deem necessary to be worthy.  I want people to live a life where their joy and purpose mutually fulfills themselves and others.  That may mean accepting where we are isn’t where we can stay, we need to find that environment that nourishes and supports our growth.  It also means that trusting WHO we are will bring us where we are meant to be even if it doesn’t feel like it. 

Most importantly, I don’t want you to live a life half assed.  Don’t twist yourself into a knot trying to be everything to everyone and then blink and it’s almost over.  No.  Take every delicious bite of what life has to offer you and know you are worth it.  Enjoy.  Laugh.  Take the pictures, sing the damn song (yes even if you’re off key), dance when you don’t know the rhythm because moving your body is joy (and you still CAN).  Appreciate everything you have while you are here because there is no wasted breath.  Don’t wait to live until you can’t.  Don’t live a life laid out before you from someone else and call it living.  The time is now.  LIVE Life.

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