No Mistakes

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Following up on coincidences, I wanted to go into depth about No Mistakes. I mentioned the conversation I had with my mentor regarding obstacles.  She also shared a mantra: “In my life there are no mistakes.”   At first I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Between dealing with obstacles that seem to have no explanation, reconciling what is in our control, and learning from the challenges, this one put me into a state of great pause.  The simplicity hit me.  And that was yet another coincidence because I had just talked about mindset and the idea of no problem. 

If we are able to tie all of that together, we unlock a new flow in our lives.  If there are no mistakes, if we are guided by signs (coincidences), if we learn our lessons through experience, if we set the intention and allow, then there is NOTHING to fear.  There is no reason to not trust what we are meant to do and whole heartedly jump into our purpose. 

The following morning, I used it on the way to work.  Things have been a bit challenging there again and (like we all do) I found myself in a funk having to go in.  It is so easy for our thoughts to spiral, but I heard my mentor talking about controlling the mind and the responses.  Yet another coincidence and a tie to the Silva Method we just talked about.  So I interrupted the thought and started saying, “There are no mistakes.  You are meant to be on this path and you still have lessons to learn here.”  I did it again on the way home when I got out late.  I genuinely felt better. 

We may not be able to control much but the patterns we’ve talked about and our mind set are definitely in that realm.  Again, that isn’t a new topic here, but it’s a nice reaffirmation of that belief.  It’s also an appreciation for the fact that it doesn’t happen over night.  We have to learn to be patient with ourselves and do the work every day.  It isn’t glamorous, but it is foundational and a strong foundation can take you anywhere.  There aren’t any mistakes as this life teaches us every day.  If something feels like it goes wrong, trust it went right for some reason and stack it as you move up.  there are no mistakes.

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