Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for all of the support in my life.  There are so many times I allow myself to fall into some sort of despair over one thing or another.  Times I feel truly alone and empty and sad, like the course I’m on is so bent it can never get where it was meant to go.  But then the universe delivers something: a message, a sign, a person who reminds me of our universal purpose and that we each have a role in it, even me.  I am specifically grateful for the support and patience of those who have helped me work through some obstacles I’ve held closer to me than the goals I’ve been working toward.  These people are gifts in this world and I do not take that for granted.

Today I am grateful to give back.  There are times I’ve felt incredibly selfish in my world because I feared that I wouldn’t get mine.  I’ve held onto things because I’ve passed on opportunities in hopes it would come back only to see effort go unreturned.  I’ve drained myself for the sake of others only to be blamed for my exhaustion.  And today I say: they were right.  I relied on others to fill my cup because I did the same for them.  I didn’t know about healthy exchange of energy.  Now as my health and my sanity move that one degree in the right direction, I retain the energy that is mine and allow myself to feel full and embrace life.  I allow myself to give to those who need it without depleting myself. 

Today I am grateful to feel excitement again.  Regardless of my role in it, I have felt incredibly depressed the last few months.  It takes a lot of soul searching to simultaneously look past the past and take ownership of the future.  The demands we put upon ourselves without really understanding why drain us to the point of no return if we let it.  And it will continue to happen until we decide it’s enough.  When we send the message that we are unworthy or that we have to earn our place, the universe will deliver those circumstances.  When we get excited about our lives and celebrate the opportunities, that is what comes to us.  I’m learning to believe what is coming is better than what was, and to gracefully respect and appreciate the past while letting it stay there.  That is how we get excited for the future.      

Today I am grateful for love.  Sometimes we need reminders that love is truly the way.  Spending time with my family is my favorite way to dive into that feeling.  We’ve been building things together lately and spending time connecting with each other.  I’ve been letting go of my fears with time and simply enjoying the moments I have—that is another act of love.  Being present and enjoying what we are doing rather than needing to be somewhere else.

Today I am grateful to get back in the kitchen.  I’ve been re-evaluating my goals and the things I need to do and that includes keeping on track with my health.  I spent some time today meal prepping again and it felt good.  I even made some healthy treats for the family which they loved.  It often feels like there isn’t enough time to do all the things we want to do, and when we are high functioning in certain areas, self-care tends to go to the way side.  I know it does for me, at least.  So taking the time to get back and create foundational meals for myself is a way of showing myself the love and care I need.  It allows me to do my best for others because I’m taking care of me. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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