Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for a reset.  The break I need is here and I am taking some time to simply relax.  I’m enjoying working on some writing and watching movies with my family.  I’m enjoying cuddles with my son and husband and the animals.  I’m working on bringing my mind down a few notches.  It isn’t healthy to constantly go.  There is a mental and physical limit on it.  We can’t do more than we recharge.  We need to take a break and honor our limits and I am ok to let go this time.

Today I am grateful for morning cuddles.  I’ve felt pressed for time lately, constantly rushing and moving and doing.  The last few mornings my son has asked that I cuddle with him and I’ve had every intention of doing so, but I just didn’t do it for one reason or another.  This morning, he asked me again.  I climbed into bed with him still knowing that list of things to do waited for me.  But I realized that I didn’t want to continue breaking a promise to him.  How hard is it to stop for even half an hour and spend it with my boy?  Some days, truly, it is hard.  But today there was no reason.  Yes, I have a list of things to do, but my son needed me.  I realized that I don’t want to teach him that his needs aren’t important to me so I took the time to cuddle with him.  It made for a much smoother morning as well.

Today I am grateful for the endless chances life gives us.  How many times have we heard that the universe isn’t impatient, we are?  I’ve realized that I need to be patient with the process as I integrate the lessons.  I’ve taken things at surface, I’ve gotten an idea of what I want but I haven’t really changed.  The intent is there, but the faith and work is still lacking a bit.  So today, as I think again about the life I’m envisioning, I’m so grateful that I still have the opportunity to make things happen.  As long as I have those chances, I will not take it for granted. 

Today I am grateful to feel my way into trusting myself.  I have to remind myself of this every day and practice this every day.  I don’t know why it’s something that we struggle with even if we can talk about it with others, even if we know in our souls that we have to trust ourselves.  Regardless, I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to try again every day.  Bit by bit the confidence builds until it is a legitimate foundation that we can stand on.  I’m grateful to build my foundation.

Today I am grateful to learn.  I’ve been taking some time to look at other people’s stories and it’s so interesting to learn about how people navigate life.  It’s fascinating to me to see  how people interpret what happens to them and they either use it to learn and grown stronger…or they shrink.  Maybe we do both.  I know in my life I’ve had opportunities to do both.  I know I’ve stepped down when I shouldn’t have and I’ve boasted when I shouldn’t have.  But what I’m grateful to learn is that there was no right or wrong with it.  We live to the best of our abilities and one person’s way isn’t more right than another’s—it’s just what works for them.  I’m grateful to know that my lessons are for me and that it’s all ok. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead 

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