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I’ve never really taken the time to slow down and build a foundation of trust and faith.  I’ve spoken about it, I’ve tried it, but I’ve never really practiced it as much as I should have to build that unshakeable trust.  I think faith is misconstrued as belief in a God that either rewards or punishes us depending on our deeds.  I used to believe that myself and maybe that’s why I haven’t really done the work.   I’ve never been a religious woman, that isn’t what this post is about, but I believed that every bad thing that happened to me was a result of something I did.  I never felt like anything I did well was a result of my actions, and that was the foundation of me hating myself.  I blamed every bad thing on myself.  I never took the lesson for what it really was, I took it as a result of what I’d done.    

I draw inspirational cards every morning to start my day because it reminds me that there is something greater out there guiding me and connecting all of us.  I like to share them with people as well to remind us that there are reasons to keep going.  For the last two days in a row, I’ve drawn messages about faith and about remembering our connectedness.  The universe/source, whatever you may believe in, isn’t passing judgement.  It IS responding to what we do and how we feel about ourselves but that is on an energetic level—it isn’t punitive.  The universe wants us to connect to energy and to fulfill our purpose and to fuel the awakening within ourselves.  It needs us to do well in order to help others do well.  It needs us to remember that we are all one. 

Faith isn’t about being pious and passing judgement on ourselves or others.  Faith is about finding love for oneself because we know we are part of the universe.  THAT is the unshakeable foundation that allows us to see the infinite possibilities in front of us.  That is the foundation that understands things are a lesson yes, but they aren’t a lesson in what we’ve done wrong, they are a lesson in how to readjust our frequency to tap into the power available to us.  That power isn’t exclusive but it does require a specific ability.  It requires an ability to put aside what you think you need in the moment for the greater good of what is needed by all.

Another aspect of faith, for me at least, is to follow the signs.  Gabby Bernstein talks about manic manifesting which is letting the mind wander in too many directions, thinking we are drawing energy to us, when in reality, we aren’t focused enough to allow anything to settle.  But there comes a point when you see the same message repeatedly and frequently enough that, hopefully, you understand it is meant for you.  You are supposed to act on that.  Faith is about security, yes, but it is about connection.  It’s about the balance between knowing you can do it and knowing you will be supported when you think you can’t. When I drew these cards multiple days in a row, that is a sign for me to pay attention.  It’s about knowing I need to work on that foundation.

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