Step Four

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From what I can tell in the books I’ve read and from what I’ve seen people do, the next step in all of this is action.  I admit this is where I have been stuck previously and this is where I need to fully dive in.  The truth is I’m proud to have made it here because there was a time not long ago that I got stuck simply clarifying what I wanted to do with my life.  Now it’s a matter of learning how to identify what actions it will take to get me where I need to go.  I’ve spent a lot of years spinning my wheels and repeating the patterns.  I’ve also spent a lot of years getting this close and then losing patience with the whole thing.  This is different.  This is where patience comes in—another skill I’m developing.

I used to think that action meant massive leaps where what we know is ripped away from us and we have to leap into the unknown.  There are absolutely circumstances where that happens, yes, but more often than anything, it is the small steps redirecting us toward where we want to go that make the difference.  I read a few pieces lately, one by Martha Beck and another through one of my groups that talked about the 1% change in direction.  Making those minor corrections over time will get you in a completely different place than where you initially intended on going.  So it doesn’t always have to be a massive leap—it can be a small step we take every day.

So that is where I start.  I choose to take one small step toward believing in myself first and then one small step toward showing other people how to do the same every day.  I share my words here and I share on social media and I witness the small shifts in my household as well.  We are working toward major changes through small steps and it feels amazing.  It is so helpful to have someone with me on this journey as well.  It is even more helpful to have the accountability toward others because we can lift each other up through this crazy journey of life.

The truth is, no one has it all figured out, certainly not me.  I just know how I want to be treated and I know the things I want to see in the world: kindness, love, patience, a new way of doing things that works for all.  I logically know we are able to sustain each other and there is no need to fight for anything.  I know it’s all about power and I’m ready to redirect what that power looks like.  I know I want to see people happy and thriving because I know when those needs are fulfilled magic happens.  I know we can change what we do and what this world looks like.  I know it is time to wake up and I am happy to do my part.  So, one small step, every day.    

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