Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful to welcome the New Year.  I am grateful for every day I’ve had so far in my beautiful life and I’m grateful for every day to come.  I normally approach the New Year like the climbing of a roller coaster;  I am excited and anticipating the peak and then I spend the rest of the year on the ride, getting pulled up and down as the ride goes on and then get mad that I didn’t end up where I wanted to.  This year, I accept the ups and downs, but I took the time to figure out what ride I wanted to get on.  I planned more and defined where I want to be.  Granted, life is still a ride so I’m not sure what will come with that, but I know I will d my best along the way.  More YES!

Today I am grateful to learn and set myself up for success.  This year is going to bring a lot of lessons with the goals I have set for myself and I know I need every one of them.  I consider it a beautiful privilege to be in a position to learn like that.  I know the things I’m working on doing are putting me in a position where I can offer and do my best and am so happy.  I am also grateful that I get to put time in putting myself back together.  I feel like I know more of who I am now and it is time for me to put the pieces together in a way that works for me. 

Today I am grateful for purpose-driven, aligned, and authentic work that fulfills my goals.  Not everyone is able to say they love what they do—there are still facets of my life that I wish I didn’t have to participate in.  But I am grateful to learn the lessons from that as well.  Those lessons are where I can put together what works and what doesn’t work for me and that helps me get clarity in my life and share that with you.  We are awakening together and know there is more out there. 

Today I am grateful to find my connection to source again.  It is through source that any one of us reclaims our power and it is through reclaiming power that we fulfill our purpose and help others.  I used to think power was in control and keeping ahead of the situation and making things go exactly as I planned.  It was EXHAUSTING.  I still have control issues, but I am learning to let go and trust.  It wasn’t about claiming my power so to speak, it was about aligning with the power I was given to use for good.  I am grateful to find that source and for my strength to rely on my own wings rather than on other people’s shoulders.  That is authentic power.

Today I am grateful for real love in my life.  I look back over my life and I know I have been loved.  I know I am loved.  The things I’ve been through left me feeling alone for many years but I see now that I haven’t been alone, I’ve been cut off.  I spent years controlling and demanding and that wasn’t love.  I see the unconditional support I’ve gotten from everyone around me and I am grateful—my parents, my friends, my family.  THAT is love. 

Today I am grateful for creativity and the means to express it.  I love to share, I love to speak, I love to write all of this. I am so grateful for the ability to share it and hope that it gets to those who need it.  I am grateful to have a safe space in which to work on these words and to honor the message and feelings that come with it.  I am grateful to have a space that I’ve built myself that welcomes all the people and animals into it.  There is a connection in this room and it is divine.  I love it, I feel love in here, and I feel flow and power in here.

Today I am grateful to let go of the reins.  I’ve had successes in my life and I am grateful for that but I know allowing more will bring me where I am meant to be.  I’ve played it safe in too many arenas and it is time to trust that if I am brought to something, I am meant to go through it.  This is about saying, “Yes,” when I know it is meant for me.  This is about embracing the things in my life that I subconsciously push off by lacking worth.  If I am brought there, I am meant to be there.  I trust I am safe and capable and I am grateful for those reminders.  I am grateful to become the person I must be in order to achieve my goals.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

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