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A reminder on communication—(you can see my previous posts on this as well 😊).  We have a project at work where we are moving offices.  I met with one of the key players today who is helping us move and found out he had no clue on several key points.  I saw his frustration and realized that no one communicated with him…at all.  Emails were going back and forth talking about who needed to do what, more information was missing, and it was clear the planning stage didn’t have everyone there who should have been.  And as I mention all the time, this is applicable to so many things happening now.  We don’t communicate anymore—we think we do, but we really don’t say much.  We use words that imply without directly expressing what is happening. 

My friends, communication is so important.  With the transition of so much life to screens, we are missing something we used to have.  We are missing the ability to converse.  We spew points at each other, arguments, place blame, when all we need to do is eliminate the middle man and have a conversation.  We all have misunderstandings, that is natural, but we have forgotten how to resolve them, and it is so critical.  When it feels like we are speaking on two different wave lengths, that is when we have to try harder, not shut down.

I think the way to fix this is to simply start speaking with people again.  Reach out.  Learn to connect.  We are so trained and focused on manipulating people to get what we want from them that we have forgotten that they are human.  We have forgotten how to work with their humanity because we don’t know how to find it in ourselves either.  Find the common ground, find the connection, find the outreach.  Find what speaks to you and learn to speak that to others.  We are ALL desperately seeking connection and technology makes that easy—but making the connection is the hard part. 

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