Trying Something Else

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I wanted to talk about a different experience I had recently.  I’ve been looking into meditation to help with a few different things—calming my anxiety, increasing faith, improving patience, keeping me centered, helping me focus etc.  I’ve always struggled with meditation because of the whole controlling my mind thing—my mind goes in so many directions and I know that nearly everyone struggles with that at first.  Regardless, I found one the other day about cord cutting.  I’ve actually had one experience with that before during my massage therapy days and it wasn’t something I thought I would do again because it didn’t feel that effective and it certainly wasn’t that long lasting.  But after the experience I had the other day, I can say that I probably wasn’t ready for it the first time. 

So, for anyone who isn’t familiar, cord cutting is when you look to the energetic cords that tie us to specific individuals.  It’s said that we all have these cords tying us to everyone and they vary in their strength depending on the relationship.  When there are unhealthy habits or when the energy is no longer serving, we have the option to cut the cord and sever that specific energetic tie to that person or at least significantly alter it. 

Now onto what happened this time around.  So I found it and there was something in the description that immediately drew me to it.  It wasn’t anything specific in the words, honestly, but when I read it I knew I had to try it.  I saw that it was three minutes so I thought to myself, “Great, I can literally do this now before work.”  So I did.  The person that I thought of is someone that I get pretty codependent with at times and I have known for a while I need to fix that.  When the meditation started with the visualization of the cord, I actually felt it.  It spread nearly my entire abdomen and straight to my chest.  When the actual cutting visualization took place, I felt the pressure release.

After it was done, the feeling of the cord, like an umbilical, felt so strong in my chest, I couldn’t believe it.  I felt it for hours afterward.  It wasn’t even the cut, I could still feel the weight of what remained attached to me energetically.  I have every ounce of faith in the energy of the universe and I have no doubt it exists, but I will fully admit that this was the first time I felt something so physically real.  That is a powerful spiritual thing and a perfect demonstration of how we have the power to shift our focus.

I don’t claim this will work for everyone, but I will most definitively say that this was one experience that felt significant.  There was an undeniable visceral feeling with the visualizations.  For someone who doesn’t meditate and who didn’t have a stunning experience the first time around, this changed something in me.  It’s these types of experiences that personally make me want to keep going down this avenue.  There ARE things that work, sometimes we just have to work to find the right one for us. This one in particular is something I may try again as these things need to be repeated—and when we find something that works, it’s good to stick with it.  What is something you’ve tried that is “out there”? 

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