A Little Snippet

Photo by Andrew Beatson on Pexels.com

“You can’t take that pressure off just to put it on me,” Dijon.  Following up on making opportunities ours, I want to send out a little reminder about guilt and letting it go.  I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I felt guilty not “going with the program” for a while.  I needed to reconcile what I thought I needed to do with what it really was.  I learned it was ok to disappoint others for the sake of honoring what I needed to do.  And if someone isn’t ok with you doing what you need to do for yourself, then those aren’t the people you need in your life regardless. 

In building the life we want we will constantly be faced with the choice to take steps forward toward our goals or making other people happy.  But the truth is they aren’t living your life.  They don’t have the map to where you’re going so why would you let them drive?  And those boundaries are key.  It isn’t up to them to make you follow through on their goals—that is manipulation. Your life’s purpose isn’t to fulfill other people’s goals—it is to fulfill your own. 

Our lives aren’t meant to bear the burden of someone else’s goals and responsibilities.  Don’t allow them to gaslight you into believing you’re bad or lazy for not putting their goals before your own.  Taking the time you have to work toward your purpose is EXACTLY what you need to do.  So don’t be the bearer of their outcomes or the one who takes away their sadness or even the person who becomes the reason they didn’t reach their peak.  If someone puts that type of energy on you, it is more than ok to lovingly say, “no.” 

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