Taking an Opportunity and Making it Yours

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I wrote last week about the opportunity I took a chance on.  I had been hesitant to start it as I mentioned because it’s in a field that I never saw myself in and, quite frankly, don’t really trust.  As I’ve been learning about this I see that there are different skill sets that can help me even if I didn’t think that they were for me.  So much of it felt inauthentic and salesy or like a gimmick to try and sell people on a miracle cure for themselves.  But the more I dig into it, the more I see that there are opportunities to apply those skills to what I love—coaching and helping people. 

See, for a while I found myself trying to please again.  A lot of this training involved homework of sorts and I understood the purpose behind it, but I found myself forcing time on it that I didn’t have with constraints at work and with starting my own business.  I realized that I was forcing that time when I could be working on my own projects.  I felt like I had been so stumped and I was shifting my own deadlines and I realized that if I can shift my time like that for someone else, I can use that to my advantage for my business.  I’d rather be funding my own dream than someone else’s at this point.  Again, not that the lessons aren’t valuable, I just need to prioritize.

I also learned that I can take an opportunity and make it something else.  My life (our lives) aren’t about making it look like someone else’s vision.  It’s about making it what works for us and using our talents and time to make a life that is authentic for ourselves.  So what started with the goal of brining in extra income (which can still happen in the long term) became taking those skills to apply them to my business and to develop my talents. 

This is also about boundaries.  We have a finite amount of time and we don’t know what that amount is.  I no longer want to repeat the patterns of asking permission, playing it someone else’s way, and waiting for someone to recognize my worth/praise me and to “let” me progress.  I’m sharpening my skills and moving forward in my own way.  It’s amazing how shifting perspective opens up new possibilities and new avenues to take.  It’s like a giant puzzle falling into place…like someone just gave me the piece I’ve been missing. 

So take the shots that you’re given.  And when you have the opportunity, put your own spin on it.  Make it your own—that’s what it’s all about.  Don’t worry about what others think and don’t worry about living up to their expectations.  What’s more, don’t worry about doing it on their timeline or in the exact way they tell you.  We are meant to learn so take what lessons are meant for YOU and apply them where it works for you.  You get to create your own picture taking the pieces that work for you.  You are making that puzzle and when you look back on it, you will see the whole picture for what it is.  Some of us are born with that vison, some of us need to take pieces one at a time and find their spot until we figure out what the rest looks like.  It’s all up to you.

4 thoughts on “Taking an Opportunity and Making it Yours

    • You’ve already got the where, my friend! Start exactly where you are. You can’t be anywhere else but where you are. Knowing where you want to go is key. Now the how can be a bit trickier. Start with what you’ve got. Look at what you CAN do, one step at a time. From there it’s about consistency. Don’t worry about step 10 when you have to take step one. You’ve got this!!

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  1. Sure did need this encouragement. You have given me the gumption to go ahead and BEGIN the book I have been starting, in my mind, for aeons. Am looking forward to seeing what all I have up in this weird brain of mine. Thanks for giving me permission to go on head and tell fear to get lost so I can get after it.


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