Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for cleansing.  I didn’t make the wisest of choices this weekend and I lovingly welcomed a relationship with hydration and cleaning this morning.  I adore the cleansing power of water whether it is simply time to shower, or to deep scour the house/do the laundry, wash the dishes, or hydrating.  This may seem facetious but I am completely honest—and I never take for granted having access to this resource. It absolutely saved me this morning physically and spiritually.  On that topic, I began a process of letting go (again) this weekend.  As we started decorating for the holidays, there were things I hadn’t used in years that I eliminated.  It was time to let go of the physical clutter.  It is time to be present instead of clinging to memories of times gone by.  I will keep the memory with me, but I lovingly release the physical burden.

Today I am grateful for laughter and making memories.  We had a wonderful day together yesterday decorating and spending time with family.  I will forever cherish the time my son gets to spend with his grandparents and seeing how he lights up whether they are cuddling together on the couch or if they are taking him out—he just loves having time with them.  I’m learning to get out of the way of that relationship because there is more value in the time they have together than the concerns I have about him getting overly spoiled.

Today I am grateful for new traditions.  We spent the Thanksgiving holiday alone for the second year in a row.  Last year felt really different—it was sad and lonely and I put together an entire meal for us.  This year, we went moderate and we didn’t even have turkey.  We simply spent time together, made a few of our favorite sides, reflected on being together, and enjoyed the time.  We didn’t overwhelm ourselves with anything, we didn’t put on a show for anything, we didn’t do anything out of obligation.  We just did what felt right for us.  With this, I am grateful for our space…someday in the future when all of this calms down and we have a normal that feels normal to us, this home will host parties and we will make even more memories, laughter will fill this house, we will make it messy, we will get loud, the doors will open to new people and our loved ones, and we will all be together.

Today I am grateful for integration of lessons.  I have been putting in a lot of work in the personal-development department.  For a long time I thought the progress I made was something to be hard-won, achieved and then move on to the next level.  I see it doesn’t work like that.  There is a period in learning where you have to actually make sure you understand what you’re taking in.  Until you get the lesson, you will repeat it in new ways until it sinks in.  I have a bad habit of task-listing my life, trying to get through the day by marking off things I need to do, and I treated development the same way—read this book, reach out to these people, but I never learned to develop myself enough to form the relationship.  It isn’t about completing anything—it’s about incorporating it.           

Today I am grateful to ease the pressure I’ve put on myself.  As I mentioned above, I task-list a lot of my life, trying to get through what I “need” to in order to get to what I want to.  But there is no ease in that.  I understand now the universe is patient—I am not.  Who said I had to devour a book in a certain amount of time?  Who said I couldn’t go back and re-read passages to make more sense of it?  Who said I couldn’t re-read them simply because the words touched my soul? It isn’t about completing, it’s the act of doing.  It’s the joy of doing.  I wanted to have a certain amount done this weekend for no other reason than to say I was done.  Why put that pressure on myself?  Does it make it any less joyful if I finish it during the week?  Life is meant to be savored, not crammed down our throats without tasting it.  I used to be afraid of missing out and needing to take in as much as I could or I wouldn’t get it again.  Now I see you get more out of life when you slow down and savor it and allow it to pass when it’s done.  No clinging, no expectations.  Just awareness and presence.  You move differently that way.

Today I am grateful for my connection with the universe.  Signs are happening more and more frequently and the more I let go, the more I see.  When you create space for yourself to connect with who you are, to connect with those around you, you start to see a plan unfold.  It is magic.  It is so important to keep connected and keep our energy high because that is the meat of it.  It’s in the little things—the way the light looks in your space, how you feel where you are, how you feel when you’re alone and how you feel with the people you surround yourself with.  But the signs are always there and it is up to us to follow them.  I’m grateful to be on board.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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