What Matters

Photo by Patrick Porto on Pexels.com

After yesterday’s post about following signs, I wanted to follow up with some real examples of why knowing what matters is so important. Three things happened at work recently that honestly made me question everything I’m doing…and then they made me laugh out loud.  It made me realize that no matter what I do, it will NEVER be right.  There will NEVER be any resolution that works for us and, quite frankly, corporate lives in a dream world.  This whole leadership thing from businesses all the way through our government is a complete farce. 

So, the first thing.  While reviewing upcoming legislation, the presenter repeatedly alluded to the fact that this is new and that the plan as laid out will develop but it is up to us to come up with a contingency plan if what was explained doesn’t work.  Talk about vague and no direction.  Essentially they want us to implement the impossible without any clear guidance.  It also showed the level of interpretation allowed in the healthcare industry and how we can all see the same thing differently.  So how can we come to a solution if we can’t even agree on what the ask is?  We can’t. 

The second thing, while reviewing a policy, we started calling out things that were different from the hospital’s policy.  I got angry immediately because if we have a hospital policy, I don’t feel we should use something different for our specific area.  We aren’t that special or unique that we need something like that.  The conversation got personal when we discussed things that people would do on a daily basis and we completely ignored the fact that we are now in the 21st century.  The policy was written long enough ago that it desperately needs to be revised.  Not to mention we’ve spent the last two years completely half-assing it and putting things together on the spot.  Why are we trying to garner this type of control now?  It’s plugging a hole to distract from the fact that the rest of the ship is falling apart. 

The third thing was during our system wide meeting when they prioritized patient satisfaction over safety. This is when I laughed out loud.  This group had the audacity to blatantly put in writing that we need to focus in improving patient experience scores over safety.  Now, I will caveat that we are generally a safe facility, however, we are switching our focus to ensure that someone feels good over actually making them better.  I mean, that is the most unrealistic thing I can imagine.  You will NEVER make everyone happy and if you start telling people to switch their focus like that, I guarantee their safety will go out the window.  They weren’t even thinking about what they were asking for.

So…it made me sad and angry.  But also resigned.  It made me realize there is nothing I can do about it.  And nothing I want to try and devote my energy toward to change.  All I can do is control myself and this is something I can decide to participate in or not.  I can decide if this aligns with who I am and what I believe in and whether or not I will continue in that vein.  It’s frustrating but it is also liberating.  When you start seeing the truth and accept things as they are, you are better able to make a decision.  Sometimes that decision is made for you.  When the powers that be decide that how we look is more important than what we do, it’s time for a different direction.  So, thank you for the lesson. 

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