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When we walk in the room, we can immediately feel what is going on.  Our bodies and intuition never lie to us.  Like when you walk into a room and it suddenly gets really quiet we start to think that something is going on.  People can tell us that isn’t true all we want, but every instinct in us will say, “No, that doesn’t sit right.”  LISTEN.  We are trained that politeness and deferring to other’s needs is the norm and that we are expected to do that all costs.  I work in healthcare and believe me, your time means nothing to those you work for.  With the exception of death or being broken and bleeding, you better be there and even if you’re incapacitated, they are still going to ask what you can do.  That isn’t life.  So when you know the energy is shifting and you need to hold your own, that is real.

I want to add a quick note about gaslighting here.  I mentioned above that people will try to tell us that what we feel isn’t right.  DO NOT allow that to talk you out of what you know inside is true.  If you feel something, if you see something, if you know what is really going on, trust that with everything inside of you.  We love to place blame in this society but the truth is energy is always a reciprocal.  We do react out of conditioning and beliefs, but we also react in response to other people’s actions.  I’m not saying we don’t have the power to decide how we react, but I am saying there is always an impetus.  You are allowed to hold other people accountable for what they do. 

There is a particular energy in one group I work with that is constantly chaotic and pressing and pushing and always feels unbalanced.  This group often tries to make me fall into that pattern with the, “What If” game.  It happened recently and I refused to play along.  When I didn’t act according to their expected response, they got angry and took it higher than me.  I realized they did that because I didn’t reply the way the expected me to.  They wanted me to get as upset and agitated as they were.  I held my ground.

We own our energy and it is up to us how we spend it.  No one gets to tell us how we feel or how we react.   We are expected to behave as robots and not have emotions when people do things to us yet we are supposed to ask how high when they say jump.  The world doesn’t work that way my friends, and it is up to us to remind whoever we meet that it doesn’t.  I get to decide how I react and where I put my focus.  I will not feel bad because I have to put my energy where it serves.  Life is too short to waste it doing anything other than what is necessary for us as long as do no harm to others.  So keep doing it.

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