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I got home from my 9-5 to work the rest of the day in my office.  I sat and watched the weather outside from my window, seeing the snow start to fall for the first time this year.  The wind howled and the trees bent, dropping leaves along with it under a blanket of grey clouds.  As the weather is getting colder and the light is shifting, we know what this season is.  We feel the call to go inside and think and hibernate and rest.  I love my little space.  This room, completely my own with all of my writing and my books and my blanket and chair, my animals curled up around me—it all feels like home.  I mean, it is my home, but I’m talking about the internal comfort it gives me.  The resonance with who I am.

The world changes and we move at different paces, but sitting here, knowing I am exactly where I’m meant to be is beyond special.  This is where I feel grounded and clear and most empowered to simply BE.  The weather can’t make up its mind because we haven’t fully transitioned to winter, but in here, I know who I am.  This is my element and I love sharing that with you.  When I’m in here, my 9-5 doesn’t matter.  I mean, I get my work done, but it feels completely different.  The same can be said about our internal state when we are in flow.  When we get to that point where it all makes sense and we just go with it, we are at peace because we are at home in ourselves regardless of what goes on outside. 

The card for today was about compassion and extending courtesy and grace and patience to those who are struggling.  Ironically enough, I had four employees with problems today and it was a test of presence and caring and thinking outside the box.  And that is my wheelhouse.  I mean, I struggle with patience all the time, but working with people to make sure they are able to do their best is something I love doing.  I know how challenging it is to pour from an empty cup so when I have a chance to give back, I want to do that.  The world is never settled and there is always something that will go awry especially when you think you have it all figured out.  In those moments we have to tap into that peace we develop for ourselves.  Sometimes someone just needs to hear an outside perspective to make it all click and suddenly it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

So the weather on this day is a good reminder to allow the changes because there are so many things we will never have any control over.  It’s also a reminder to build that foundation within ourselves because that is the only thing we really have any say in.  Find what gives you peace, what gives you that solid foundation of, “this is who I am” where you are unshakeable no matter what happens.  The seasons always change and we can’t stop it.  We just do our best to prepare and allow it.  That is how we have to go through life sometimes, no matter how uncomfortable.  The inside is what matters, the rest will happen regardless.  So embrace it, knowing who you are.   

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