Out of Character

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So, I did something highly out of character for myself.  I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and the timing just so happened to coincide with a woman reaching out to me regarding a new business.  Truly, I had no interest in it since I’m working full time and starting my own business as well.  Plus the type of work she was suggesting isn’t something I’m really interested in.  But as I was reading the book, there was a line about the type of work we should try in order to learn new skills.  It was the EXACT type of work that this woman was reaching out to me about.  So in a show of faith and with the intention of learning  the skills that the universe clearly wants me to have, I dove in and said yes.

It has been highly uncomfortable.  I’m doing things and reaching out to people about things I’m not even familiar with and I’m working with products I normally don’t discuss with others.  But there is something underneath that I admit feels good.  There is definitely a camaraderie I’ve never experienced before and I’m learning self-promotion skills I thought were a bit much before.  Now I see those skills will carry me in my own business as well.  I’m still not sure if this is something that will “turn out” for me, but it is something that will teach me. I realized that I had been given this opportunity several times before and I turned it down because of other things going on, but it came back into my life this time for a reason.       

Sometimes the universe brings lessons into your life repeatedly because you are MEANT to figure it out.  I had been so resistant to this in my life that I never saw myself doing something like this and here I am.  Things come to you at the right time.  As I worked today, I found myself looking around my office feeling really grateful that I was trying something new even though I’m terrified. I started imagining my life looking a bit different.  Spending my day with people, reading all of my books and using those to share my message with others.  To really define my base and take that information out into the world as I’ve been trying to help people find their way.  I needed to find my own way.  My entire body got warm.

I’m excited to share some of the new things I’m learning with you and I’m excited to be out of my comfort zone.  That is truly where growth happens, and I’ve preached it a million times.  I’m glad to try it now.  We talked the other week about how sometimes the very thing you don’t want to do is exactly what you need to do.  So I’m leaning in and leaping forward to see where this brings me.  What are you taking the chance on today?

4 thoughts on “Out of Character

  1. I can’t tell you how much that means to me, honestly. That is always my hope and I’m so grateful you find value here. Thanks for reading and sharing and commenting! I love the interaction 😍


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