It’s For You

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“It’s all connected.  The voice within and the sound of the wind,” via the univershasyourback.  This is just the briefest of reminders that you have to pause.  You have to listen to everything you hear.  You have to know that those signs are meant for you.  You have to know your power is real.  You have to know that you are here for a reason and you can do it no matter what it looks like.  There is no doubt in my mind of the connection we have to each other.  We are part of nature and we are animals so we play a part in everything whether we see it play out or not.  Remember the connection we have, and as I always say, remember the connection to yourself first.  Those messages mean something and that whisper inside is dying for you to hear it.  Hear it before it’s a scream.  Stop drowning it out so it doesn’t go silent.  Listen, ask it questions, believe it.

When we feel those certain moments of connectedness and love, we have no choice but to remember who we are…and that we are all one.  There is no separation.  We created that from some primal need to be dominant, to be right, and to survive.  We still have those urges because biologically we want to survive and propagate, but we have turned it into pissing contests of ego.  We are all the same and we have to remember who we are.  More importantly, we have to remember WHAT we are: LOVE.  There are vibrations in this world that allow us to connect and resonate with each other, and that frequency is love.  We’ve taught ourselves to be selective in how we use that, but it is meant for everyone.  What you hear within is the message you project to the world.  Release the fear, release the ego and just live.     

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