Thoughts on Advice

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“This life is mine alone so I have stopped asking people for directions to places they’ve never been,” Glennon Doyle.  The first thing I want to talk about is that if you’re inspired to build something, don’t let someone talk you out of it because they are familiar to you (family, friends, etc.).  Those closest to us will try to keep us as they know us.  Those who don’t know us will try to fit us in their box, defining us by what they know.  The other day I wrote about the trees I saw entwined and it reminds me of this as well: just because things don’t look a certain way doesn’t mean it isn’t how it’s supposed to be.  The other side to this is sometimes you have to go places that other people don’t.  It may feel lonely, but we have a path laid out for us.

Sometimes we just have to embrace who we are whether others embrace that or not.  We need to have the confidence to be who we are because we know what we are doing is meant to be, rather than allow someone to push us in a direction that is more comfortable for them.  We also have to TRUST that we are guided where we are meant to be.  No one can tell you where you are supposed to go—that is a contract you signed when you came here.  You know the fine print, you just need to remember.

We are SO trained to do what we are told and to go with the crowd because that is where we are safe.  The known keeps us safe.  For people relying on the safety of familiarity (for whatever reason), they won’t look outside of their comfort zone to see where you are going.  Taking that step off the path can be terrifying, but when we are called to do it, we feel it so deeply that we know we have to.  So, when you hear that voice, don’t ask anyone about it.  Trust that it is a sign and follow.  I mean, let’s be clear I’m not talking about recklessly abandoning your life and those around you.  I’m talking about honoring what you know is true and following that curiosity to see where it brings you.

I mentioned trust above and I want to emphasize how important it is to trust ourselves.  I know I want to bring everyone with me—my husband, my friends, my family—but I have to accept that they will follow their own paths.  I also have to accept that they want me to go with them as well and that my path may not go the same route as theirs.  While this is out of love, sometimes we have to just let each other go our own way.  We will always find each other again, but we need to experience certain things on our own.  We are all given instinct for a reason—we aren’t meant to rely on someone else to drive us where we need to go.  We are meant to forge a path of our own and to show others how to do that as well.  So stop asking people for directions when YOU are holding the map.

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