Miracles and Magic are Real

Photo by Ruvim on Pexels.com

I adore synchronistic reminders that there is magic in this universe.  I just finished Martha Beck’s book, The Way of integrity, Finding the Path to Your True Self.  At the end of the book she discusses experiences of enlightenment in a visceral sense and it absolutely fascinated me.  I truly believe in enlightenment and I believe everyone’s experience of it is different.  I believe that we all have an awakening but it looks and feels different and has a different purpose for each of us.  I do not profess to be enlightened myself, however, I’ve had those moments when epiphanies have struck and I knew I was given a truth that I could never ignore again.  When they have happened, I could feel the energy shift in my body but I never associated that with enlightenment or with a universal connection—I just took it at as a lesson.  But Beck described an energetic vibration that I instantly recognized in her description.  And I recognized it again because I had read about it years ago in The Celestine Series. 

This struck me to my core because when I read The Celestine Series, there is a description of feeling connected to the universe that Beck also describes in the same way from an entirely different reference point.  They both talk about a vibration, a merging of consciousness that creates a oneness that simply IS.  It is the way of the universe, it IS the entire universe.  It is how the jumble of atoms that we are coalesce into who we are and it is how we decide to love different jumbles of atoms.  But what struck me as I read those words last night was the simple truth of it.  For multiple people to describe it that way solidified in my mind that it is the truth.  When you feel something to the core, there is a vibration in your body and I FELT it—goosebumps and all. 

So…feeling that connection and that realization of the truth between consciousness and oneness and the power of the universe led me to another truth: that living in Integrity is the only way to go. Now, I speak about this all the time but it is amazing to have it reinforced.  After the experience I had this week at work and allowing myself to align on Friday, I felt it again.  Sometimes we have to let go of all expectations and all demands and all plans and simply Be.  Connect with the truth of what is happening in the moment and let everything else go.  It can be scary and disorienting, but you know it when you feel it.  And it all starts with truth.

When beck talks about Integrity, she talks about it structurally.  I used to look at integrity as doing the right thing, but it is more than that.  It’s about doing the right thing for you.  It’s about functioning and acting from your truth.  When we are aligned with our truth and who we are, we are able to spark that in other people as well.  The more honest we are and the more honesty we inspire in others, the more truth we create in the world.  And I know this can be scary because it means, for many of us, that we aren’t able to live as we were.  That how we live isn’t what we are meant to do.  And when we get really honest, it may mean that we were doing things we really didn’t want to do anyway.  So when we find ourselves in that situation, come back to your own integrity and stand in the truth of who you are.  That is how we build authenticity no matter how vulnerable we are.  And we learn and build and we create ourselves.  And then we realize that there is no self…we are all one.  That may be a topic for another day 😊

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