Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for family.  My husband and son and I went out with some extended family for an early dinner and we shared some laughs and memories and it was such a nice reminder of times we used to spend together years ago.  It was a nice reminder of what is important and that in order to keep that closeness, effort is required—but it is amazing effort and totally worthwhile.  The time we have with those we love, even if we don’t get to see them often, is so valuable and precious.  Don’t take it for granted.

Today I am grateful for friends.  I adore my family but there is something to be said with the friends we make family.  We only moved here a few months ago and we have been so fortunate to meet some incredible neighbors who quickly took us in.  My husband and I have gotten out of our shells and we are reaching out differently and opening up differently with friends and with each other.  It’s nice to have another outlet to help channel life and to experience life in a new way. 

Today I am grateful for decisions.  This past week was particularly rough at work—highly emotional and energetically draining.  But it put things in perspective.  I realized that I have more control over my life and it served to show that I don’t need permission. By the time Friday hit, I felt differently.  I looked at the frustrations that I had been having all week and I made the choice to move forward on my own regardless of what other people thought.  Once I took those tasks head on, things changed.  I felt better.  It was taking small steps to deal with what was in front of me that made the difference.

Today I am grateful for perspective.  I’m always obsessing about time and afraid of running out the clock.  And I realized that time feels incredibly overwhelming to me because I take on so much.  I’m overly ambitious and take on a lot because I want to accomplish a lot.  Part of that is a self-worth thing where I have always tried to find my worth in outside accomplishments and I realized that I’m not able to do it all.  And then I realized that it’s ok.  It matters more to do a few things well rather than a lot of things half-assed.  The focus is key.  Once that shifted, and after making decisions on Friday, I realized that time slows down when you are working toward something specific.  All of the things I need will come when they are meant to as long as I am doing my part.

Today I am grateful for clarity.  It became super clear to me this weekend where applied clarity leads to intentional action and that is where you get results.  It also ties into perspective because I was able to start chipping away at what I don’t want.  And I realized that to move forward, you have to define what you don’t want but you also can’t FOCUS on that.  You need to focus on what you DO want and that is where the magic is.  When you focus on what you do want, the things you don’t want start to fall away.  It feels amazing.

Today I am grateful for self-care. I’ve been spending too much time working on things that weren’t what I wanted to focus on and my health has taken a hit over the last six weeks or so.  I took time to take a really nice shower and to cut my hair and even put on some makeup today.  I haven’t worn makeup in over a year…and it’s not like I needed that to feel good, but taking the time to look a little better, a little time for myself is what really mattered. 

Today I am grateful for the future.  I’ve said it before and I’ve been kind of lousy for the follow through to be totally transparent.  But I legitimately realized that even though I’ve been dreaming really big and not following through accordingly, there are things I CAN do.  Each of those little things will keep moving me forward and that is what I’m looking forward to.  I know that I am able to do all of the things I want to, I just need to take a measured and focused step and that will get me much further than trying to take a giant leap in a million directions at once.  Focus is key.  How are you going to chunk your time so it’s more valuable? 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead! 

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