Hearing and Healing

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

“When we tune out the opinions, expectations, and obligations of the world around us we begin to hear ourselves,” Jay Shetty.  Ah, the first step to healing: hearing what is going on within.  I spoke about listening to the voices that come from outside a few weeks ago, hearing what the universe is trying to tell us.  Yesterday I spoke of healing and hearing what is within.  Today solidifies that message.  If we want to heal we have to hear what needs tending to because there isn’t anyone who can tell us what we need to create space for within ourselves.  

We are given signs all over, guiding us and telling us what we need to do.  We will often see them from outside of ourselves as I spoke about in listening to the whispers around us.  From there we will often get inklings within as well.  Not one of those signs will come in the opinions of others.  While it may feel comfortable to do what the “pack” is doing and to align with the herd, the soul knows differently.  The mind and body know what we need, they know our calling and they give us signs in what interests us and what draws us in.  As we learn to accept who we are and when we go all in on what we have to offer the world, the steps reveal themselves.

Making the decision to go within is a radical act of courage.  Everything and every bit of information is available about everyone in this day and age.  Information is available at all times and at the click of a mouse.  We want to put on a show because we have to look our best, look like we have it together at all times.  Taking ourselves out of the performance means that we may be isolated, but it also means we let go of the distraction and the obligation of appearing a certain way.

The bottom line is the world and the way we function in it are changing and we have to look at how we function with each other as well.  Human beings are not meant to fulfill a system—we never have been.  We developed systems to assist with making life easier, but we removed our individuality along with it.  It has turned into us supporting and protecting a system rather than protecting and developing people. 

We have to do what it takes to quiet the noise.  We are meant to set our own expectations and adapt to the ever changing world around us.  We are meant to work in tandem with what the world has to offer as well as what the world needs.  We aren’t here to simply take what we can get, we need to be able to reciprocate and we do that by offering and sharing our natural gifts.  And we hear our gifts by turning inward.  And throw in the energy of being healed, and we can go even further.  It’s like adjusting the frequency on the radio—the more we heal, the sharper the signal, the clearer the message.  Eliminate the distraction, the better we can hear that message as well.  Do what you can to make sure you’re hearing what is meant for you.    

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