As It Is Meant To Be

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“For better or for worse, nothing stays the same,” Aija Mayrock.  Here I am thrust into the throws of change again and this quote appears at my doorstep.  And for the first time, I genuinely don’t feel scared about it.  Yes, I’m planning for what I can do, but I’m not panicking or praying for an outcome.  I’m letting this one ride.  After my insights the other day about my 9-5 not being for me, I know I can’t see the way this is going.  There is nothing I can predict and certainly nothing I can control about this outcome.  We go through evolutions all the time, either by choice or by circumstances around us.  Even if they are from circumstances, we still have a choice to either go with it or to fight it.  I am not interested in fighting any longer.

For now, I can make decisions based on what is aligned with who I am.  And as I remember who I am, there will be no more waffling or waiting for the right time.  THIS is it.  It isn’t as if what’s coming for any of us is good or bad, it’s how we receive it.  We can be open to it and deal with it as it comes or we can reject it.  Fighting it doesn’t make it go away, it just makes it harder to deal with.

We look for continuity and comfort and that is a matter of safety.  When things change that threatens what we know as safe and we tend to shy away from that.  But there is growth in change, both literally and internally.  I spoke the other day about how growth is on the other side of what we don’t want to do.  The universe is funny that way—exactly what we have an aversion to is often what we need to move forward.  And that is something we are being reminded of especially now with all of the volatility as systems are breaking. 

No matter what we are going through, it is ok.  We all get through it.  And it always helps to remember that we are designed for change.  We found easier ways to live with stable housing and markets for our food, but that system is breaking and it never served anyone anyway.  Now we are asking what the cost is of giving up our creativity for this type of security.  We always knew the way and we were forced to forget and forgo our inner knowing.  Nothing is meant to stay the same.  That is why life is so precious.  We are here to enjoy every moment.  We are meant to experience what it offers.

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