Broken V. Blocked

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“You aren’t broken, you’re just blocked.  Shift your focus from what you’re trying to fix to what you’re trying to create,” Mel Robbins.  The last few days I’ve been really struggling with my writing.  I’ve been struggling with my focus and motivation.  I’ve been struggling to feel like I was doing anything worthwhile.  All this time I’ve been wanting to motivate people to find what calls them and to abandon the lies we tell ourselves about why we can’t achieve our goals and now, I couldn’t find the words.  Even taking breaks felt futile because it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing.  What the hell did I want to be doing?  Nothing felt….right.  And then this quote came along.

Sometimes, even when we are in the throws of creativity, we hold on so tightly to the vision of what we want something to look like that we lose sight of what is right in front of us.  We crush what we are nurturing with the weight of our expectations.  And the more we struggle to move forward, the more we bury ourselves and block the potential ways out.  That’s what I was doing.  I’ve been moving through my days like I’m running out of time.  Constantly worrying about everything.  Trying to fit it in.  Trying to find a schedule that works for me.  Trying to still prove that I’m productive at my 9-5 as well as capable of running a business.  But if we don’t allow the process and if we try to confine it to what we think it needs to look like, we can still block ourselves. 

The simple truth is we aren’t designed to operate at full capacity 24/7.  The brain needs variety, it needs input, it needs output, it needs rest.  We have to take care of ourselves.  And care involves recognizing what we need and doing it.  There is no nobility in reaching the grave first.  This isn’t a race.  I digress.  We push ourselves to the point we don’t recognize who we are or remember why we started in the first place.  We convince ourselves that we aren’t functioning well if we don’t live up to the expectations set by our incessant, insta-gratification, always-perfect, always visible culture.  My friends—that isn’t real.  Don’t let that be your gauge to success.  No one lives that way in real life.  And if they do—they have HELP.  No one does it alone.  Either that or they can’t do it for long…hello burnout.

All of that was to say, we have a misperception about what “broken” is.  Just because we aren’t living up to an imaginary expectation, that doesn’t mean we are broken.  It means that what we are trying to accomplish is a lie.  Our very need to be in motion blocks us because we cut off the opportunities that may reveal themselves if we just stopped to listen and to get a feel for what we should do.  And we have to stop believing that if it isn’t happening in the moment that it isn’t happening at all.  THAT is a huge block as well.  It is in those moments when you need to shift.  Like Mel says, shifting from fixing to creating.  That opens a new way of looking at it because you’re changing the intention.

We all have moments when we feel broken.  We feel defeated and like we can’t possibly go on.  That is your body and your mind letting you know you need some rest.  You need a chance to recoup and move forward.  Take that time to recharge and listen to what comes next.  You aren’t broken—you’re drained.  Maybe unfocused or even unsure—but you’re not broken.  You’ve just blocked yourself.  And remember, you’ve been in that position before (we all have) and you can get out of it.  We all get a little stuck sometimes.  Look for the tools and build yourself a new way.   

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