Truth and Illusion

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“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed, and the greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations,” via law of void.  Part two on telling the truth.  I wanted to follow up the discussion on truth with a slightly more specific outlook.  Aside from our emotional misperception of truth, there is an internalized misperception as well.  Yes, it’s easier to defend our ego than our platform/views, but that is because we have misguided ideas about what needs defending.  We uphold outdated paradigms to keep people in line thinking that is what’s best because it worked 100 years ago.  But what was appropriate 100 years ago is no longer appropriate today.  We are no longer in survival mode, even if it’s protecting the survival of a system. We have to let go of the illusion that any of what’s happening today is ok, that the system works.  

As we awaken a new world and slowly (ever so slowly) recognize the real root of our anxiety, discontent, and anger, we know what once was no longer serves. That root is the fact that we are living a life not aligned with our purpose.  We hear what we need to do but we are trained to ignore it.  We’ve been told for centuries that we need to play it safe and that if we follow a prescribed pattern/plan that we will be taken care of.  We’ve been kept in a box because what we truly feel is suppressed at all times, we never learn to fully label or explain what we think/feel, and we have a desire for something tangible that we are told we can’t have as they dangle the carrot of entertainment and distraction in front of us. 

There are real rumblings inside of all of us that guide us exactly where we need to be and will tell us exactly what we think/feel if we listen to it.  But that requires suppressing the false instincts we were fed from infancy.  It requires letting go of the idea that this system serves and protects the people and learning to trust your instincts.  It requires believing that what you have inside is powerful enough to carry you.  We are never taught to believe that we are limitless because we are much harder to control when we have control of ourselves.  We spend a great deal of time creating an image for people: looking a certain way, dressing a certain way, speaking a certain way, trying to obtain certain things to get status.  We live in a world of sleight of hand—and we all feel it. 

The truth is, yes that illusion and performative behavior is taught, but we do feel safe there.  We have a say in what the world gets to see and that gives us a sense of control.  That is why it’s so easy to become righteously angered when our coffee order is wrong; we tie more meaning to what we look like than to what we feel.  But as we go through life, there comes a point where EVERYONE hears that voice inside that says, “This isn’t me—this is a lie.”  And then we start flailing about trying to cling to an identity because, if we’re not who we devoted this time to creating, then who are we? Ego is what we cling to but our hearts get louder and louder until they can no longer be silenced.

We have infinite possibilities in this world and every one of them is an opportunity to release a gift that we are meant to share with the world.  Nostalgia or, “It’s the way we’ve always done it,” is a pretty poor reason to continue something that is harmful to ourselves and others.  We convince ourselves it works because we are afraid of what is on the other side.  We are afraid of the learning curve and what happens when we operate differently.  It’s out of our comfort zone and the safety of the “known” we’ve created.  The truth is, it’s all a show, an illusion.  We can spend a lot of years miserable doing something we know doesn’t work for us or we can take the chance to make what we know is right, work.  And yes, that does require letting go of the image we cling to.  There is an entire universe of possibility awaiting us—we just have to let go.

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