Make Your Own

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“Never beg for a seat when you can build your own table,” Bashar Kataou.  This is a great follow up to our last discussion on illusion and waking up to our power.  There is a fine line when it comes to ego.  We need to recognize what we are capable of but it needs to come from a place of authentic connection and purpose.  If it comes from a place of proving worth or hiding who we really are, then we have missed the point which is that we have power to do good for all, not just ourselves.  Now, with that being said, when we let go of the illusion that we need to protect a broken system and start waking up to our power, you learn very quickly just how much we can rely on ourselves and what we are capable of building. 

We undervalue ourselves—and we are trained to do so.  We are also trained to undervalue others because we believe protecting ego is a priority.  We are trained to make snap decisions and judge people on what they look like rather than their character.  We seek to be right over doing what is right.  And then when our confidence gets so low, we seek validation from those who have no impact on our lives, trying to prove our worth.  My friends, that is an inside job and no amount of material or praise from anyone outside is going to make us believe we are good enough.  When you let someone else set the bar in your life there is always something else to go for—that marker gets moved further and further away. 

When we claim our power, we immediately create a place of our own.  It may not be as big or “impressive” as we think we need, but that power is REAL.  When we stop the cycle, the game of proving and turn inward to hear what our truth is, we no longer need what society tells us we do.  We learn to see.  There is such a thin veil over reality that we all pretend doesn’t exist, and when we choose to live without it, we can’t go back.  We stop hating ourselves for what we are not and start loving ourselves for who we are.  And then, we can stop attacking others or labeling others based on our insecurities and we can stop trying to be right or blaming others for where we are.  We reclaim our power.

We start seeing that the life we are told to live is just a morsel of what we could have.  Now, I don’t pretend that giving up our securities in favor of going it alone is easy.  And I honestly don’t recommend going it alone.  I want you all to see that there are real options.  Things we can build with our own hands, a life we can create that feels right for us.  A life that is meaningful and joyful and purposeful and yes, collaborative and mutually beneficial for all.  When we unleash our gifts, the entire world does better.  And no, I do not pretend that taking the leap automatically means the world we know will improve.  We have to be willing to accept responsibility for what happens, whether good or bad.  But there is nothing greater than learning to take those steps and aligning with who we are.

So, the balancing act may feel overwhelming at first.  We need to recognize enough of our power to motivate us to move forward, but we have to be humble enough to have a purpose.  The bottom line is don’t ever give anyone the ability to determine your worth or set the bar in your life.  Don’t ever let someone tell you where you do and don’t belong.  And if you’re going to have to prove your worth to fit in anywhere, ask if that’s where you really want to be.  We are divine creatures able to commune and co-create our worlds-if someone doesn’t want you in theirs, then let them be.  Create your own world and don’t let what’s on the outside influence what you know is right for you.  Truthfully, we have been begging to sit at a table when we could have built our own.  Don’t let the world’s inability to see your worth make you doubt yourself.  Step up and live your life, and when you shine so bright they will wonder how they ever missed your light.    

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