The Impact of One

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“In order for any significant change to happen, we first have to believe that we can actually make an impact and that we ourselves can change,” Marie Forleo.  What a perfect follow up to our discussion on seeing our own strength and getting rid of self-doubt.  The first step to making change is recognizing what we are capable of.  Once we recognize our capacity and learn what it takes to function at that level, there is no stopping us. 

Learning to believe in our ability to change means pushing ourselves to the limit of what we think we can do.  It can be anything from learning to bake, to running that extra mile, to building a website, to making that first investment.  We live in our comfort zone while we dream about something else instead of actually doing it.  Pushing ourselves and accomplishing what we thought we couldn’t is the ultimate way to build resilience and the ability to set the example for change.  There are always the fearless few who have taken the chance to do something different than the rest.  Those people are usually deemed crazy at first, but once the world sees the purpose and the intent, they usually catch on pretty quickly.

In spite of that, what really matters is YOUR vision of how something works.  The point is, it doesn’t matter what they believe or not, it matters what you believe.  Showing the world our example of change and the courage it takes to go against the norm breaks the cycle.  The world may take some time to recognize the value in doing something differently—that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it now.  We need more examples of people following their instincts and doing what is right for them.  We need to show the world that there is more possible than the systems we have created.  If you want to see change, you need to be the change. 

The world just needs to see enough people creating a new norm for a new norm to be created—if that makes sense.  Setting a new standard takes a critical mass of people stepping up and taking control of their lives.  That is as radical as learning to believe in yourself and going after your dreams.  Waking up from the matrix of comfort and consumerism we’ve created as a distraction from our ability and going after what we really want.  But it all starts with one person and their conviction to go after what they want in spite of what other people say. 

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