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Just a short post about the power of belief.  I found myself feeling swayed in my abilities for a long time.  I never wanted to take the leap before I was ready—or not take the full leap.  I limited myself to the puddle jumps, always finding a way to control what came next.  I finally got to a point where there weren’t any small stones left to jump; I was at the chasm that required THE leap of faith.  Faith in myself and faith that asking for what I really wanted (and going for it) was the right thing to do.  It wasn’t until right before I pushed myself over the precipice and started acting on what I wanted that I started to question whether or not those doubts made any sense. 

I looked at myself and wanted to know why I was still doing the same things over an over again—in spite of knowing that if I wanted something, I needed to start behaving in alignment with it.  I came across a quote from Aija Mayrock who asks, “Who do you want to be? What do you want to achieve? What do you believe?” It is all a choice.  We get to decide when we stop doubting ourselves and when we stop going along with what we are told.  I found those simple questions reassuring and reaffirming my abilities.  People don’t get to tell us what we can do—we show them what we can do.  We believe in ourselves and the rest falls into place.

Just last week I discussed the empowering feeling of being goal driven and executing.  As I navigated through several tough weeks, I felt exhausted, but I also felt pride that I did it.  The difference in getting through that time and me taking the leap into the unknown was not only planning, but the belief that I could do it.  There is a distinct change when you go from uncertain steps to clear action.  And that all comes from believing in yourself.  Once we practice that enough, we eventually go from believing we can execute a plan to believing we can take the step into the unknown, plan or no plan.

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