Moving and Moving On

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“You can literally feel when it’s time to move into your life’s next chapter” (via Be Spiritual).  As I was writing about signs, I did some prep work and found this quote which was a perfect follow up.  When we see what we are able to do and we start putting away all the bullshit distractions, there is an energy that clings to us and moves us in a way we never moved before.  We have a tendency to allow ourselves to either collapse into our emotions or distract ourselves from them.  We get caught up in what other people are doing or what we think they should be doing and we try to control what is outside of us instead of what is within ourselves.  We instinctually know when what we are doing doesn’t work any longer but we drag out the inevitable and try to stick ourselves back on the path that we are used to. 

I believe it’s a primal instinct that tries to keep us safe by keeping us in familiar territory. It serves a purpose because if we know what to anticipate then we know what comes next and it seems like there is no danger.  We are social animals and we integrate what happens to other people before we let it happen to us.  If we follow the herd we feel like we know what will happen to us.  But that is not how the universe works and that is certainly not where growth is.  We are meant to have our own experiences and build what works for us, and that only happens when we dive in and work with what is actually happening to us. 

Being comfortable is nice because of the perceived security it provides but it doesn’t give us what we need.  We get what we need when we go with the natural flow of our lives and we live our story.  When we set a goal in motion, the universe will present the steps we need to take.  It is up to us to either begin the climb or to fall back into old habits.  It may feel good to run the track but it feels even better moving up—and the view is a hell of a lot better from the top of an accomplishment than from the bottom of a plan we never make moves on.

As soon as we got in this house and I felt my body adapting to the work I put it through, I felt a different drive.  I realized that it wasn’t up to me to fight for my comfort zone, it was time to fight for what I’ve always said I wanted to do.  I could feel some of the habits I took part of daily didn’t feel good anymore—they felt wrong.  I could feel myself willing and ready to give up those old behaviors in favor of a new choice.  It felt natural and timely.  Granted, the things I’m trying to do are still going to take time and planning and focus, but that is a different type of control.  It is discipline and sticking with it.  That isn’t to say it’s about rigidly fixating on what needs to be done, but it is about deciding to do what aligns versus what makes you feel good in the moment.  We always have a choice and it’s about favoring the long term over the present need to feel safe.  Life is on the other side of that line. 

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