Coincidence…Or Divine?

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The universe loves to play cosmic tricks on us and to remind us how small we are, yet how much we can actually accomplish when we focus and do the work.  A few days after we moved into the new house we found out that our friends know the people who bought our old house.  At first I looked at it as this is a small world, a coincidence.  But the more I thought about it, I took into account how big of a coincidence it is.  All of the people and events in the world who had to come together to bring that specific group of people back together and how we were meant to know our neighbors to be the ones to sell the house to a group of people they knew.  There probably is some number on it, but the odds seemed pretty slim to me, yet, here we are.

I always look for signs whether it is pulling cards in the morning or looking for hawks as I’m driving along or feathers falling—whatever it is.  Depending on what it is, I take it on a fairly general level (like I’m on the right track) or specific (like yes, you need to take more active steps toward X).  This whole process with our move began over a year ago when we impulsively put money down on a new build and were unable to sell our home.  We spent the last year improving on our finances, but I spent the last year really focusing on personal development as well and on defining what I want to do next.  It wasn’t until this year when I started facing multiple issues with my health that I finally got my act together and took my role in my own life seriously.  THAT is when the ball started rolling. 

I stopped living my life by telling others what to do and I dove in.  I started practicing what I preached—and now I know I need to do even more.  When you live in your little bubble and put these limitations on yourself, you are doing the entire world a disservice and you will absolutely feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied.  That is exactly where I was at.  I kept wondering why things weren’t manifesting and why certain things were taking so long.  It’s because I substituted one track of repeat self-sabotage for a higher grade of repeat self-improvement—I never moved forward.  I thought that once I attained a certain level of self awareness that the life I wanted would just flow.  I know now there was a certain level of arrogance and ego surrounding that.  We can always do more and often times we need to.  I thought it felt good to garner a level of security and stop.  I was raised that way and, looking back, I see that was the goal of a different generation where that was possible.  Where you put in your time with a company and they took care of you.  That isn’t our reality.  And living like that that led me to living the same day on repeat which got boring really quickly. 

To be clear, I’m not saying that the pause isn’t necessary, but there is a difference between living the same day over and over again because it feels comfortable and taking a rest because your body/mind needs it.  When we are actively creating a life, we spend a lot of energy designing and executing that vision so it is wearing.  That expenditure is a well earned reprieve/rest from work that serves a purpose.  The compulsion to create comfort repels it because we quickly become bored in our comfort zones—there is no growth.  This again means following the signs, both internal and external.  They are all around us all the time.  We just have to learn to read them.

The universe always puts us on the track we are meant to—there are truly no accidents.  Making a huge move like this was terrifying but I know that I am meant to be making these changes.  I know all the pieces are lining up how they should.  Before I would have sat back and just thought I’m where I’m meant to be.  Now I’m excited thinking about what is next.  If that many pieces can fall into place to bring us here, then I know there are infinite more steps we can take to get us where we are going and they will all show up when we need them. 

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