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Crazy how everything suddenly gets better once you focus on your life.  Once you let go of the bullshit and all the crap you tell yourself the rest becomes clear.  It’s a fine line where we have to do what is right for us but we also need to recognize that our actions have impact.  The key is understanding that our actions are meant to impact others and they are meant to be in service of others.  But it isn’t our obligation to do what others tell us.  Our responsibility is identifying our strong points and sharing that with others.  We aren’t meant to subvert or be subservient to others.  The world has a wealth of resources, more than enough for all of us.  We are meant to fulfill ourselves to help others.

It all falls into place when we focus on what is right for us rather than what we are told is right—or what we think is right.  There is no obligation to what we are told to do.  The only obligation we have is to fulfill our purpose.  We are simultaneously so engrained with the need to create a unique identity for ourselves and to fit in all the while doing “what we are supposed to” that we are set up for failure when it comes to recognizing what we want. 

I have spent most of my life following the prescribed path.  It wasn’t until I thought I wouldn’t have another chance to do what I wanted to do that I understood what I needed to focus on.  It was then I understood what I actually wanted.  I also felt the hope of being able to take action on what I wanted.  I have been trained in the selfishness of making decisions for myself when they weren’t what other people wanted.  When I started taking action on the things that meant something to me, I was surprised how good it felt.  It was one of the least selfish things I had done.  I felt like I was able to do what I needed to do and I still had time for others.

The truth is we are fed the bullshit about how selfish it is to do what we want to do because it doesn’t serve the system we have been feeding into for centuries.  If we don’t feed the system we aren’t good consumers or participants.  People don’t know what to do with us when we are on our own.  The system, whatever it may be, whatever it may evolve into, does not serve the people—so who is really there for us?  I will make damn sure to take care of myself first because I know that I need to be at my best to do my best.  I know I need to believe I can get where I’m going and I know that I am supported by something other than the people telling me to stay in the box.  It’s all there.  Just shift your focus. 

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