Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

“You act like you don’t know the way.  Like it isn’t etched into your veins, like every breath isn’t wind in your sail, like every heartbeat isn’t the sound of your own two feet walking on the path that leads you home.” Kristen Hubbard.  It’s easier to pretend we don’t know what our own soul is telling us than it is to listen and hear the difficult parts of what it’s telling us.  Our souls know what we are here to do.  What we are wanting to do.  All we have to do is listen, but we give into the distractions we’ve created because it’s easy.  Going inside is painful and it’s scary.  Going inside means the possibility of seeing something in yourself that isn’t the same as everyone else.  It’s recognizing that you’re needs are different and your goals are different. 

We are born with the imprint of what we need to do.  I feel my calling every day and every time I have to push it aside for what “needs” to be done, I feel weak.  It’s when I’m doing what I love and I’m fully enveloped in it that I feel the most empowered.  Free.  We all seek freedom but disguise it as needing money or material things.  We seek experiences but make it seem like we need to have something to validate it.  The experience of life is enough—that is what we are really here for. 

I’m not sure when it started, the need to hide ourselves and our wants.  I feel like, on some levels, it’s a primal instinct to avoid separation from the crowd.  I also feel like it’s an old indoctrination that we still follow because once we learned to harness some of the power of the natural world, we tried to harness the power of man to serve the few.  We started training people about loyalty and instilling fear in them that if they didn’t do as they were told they were going to die and go to a hell that only the select few could see.  A few people learned about power and getting people to do as they wanted so they created a duality here in the physical plane and then created a duality in an afterlife no human could know about.  We just never stopped that structure. 

As more people feel this restlessness building inside, we are questioning the lives we have built.  More and more people are venturing out into things that spark their curiosity and finding what brings them joy.  For the most part, not one of those things is a THING.  We develop our instincts again and learn to follow our own intuition. We remember that it was in us all along, the ability to create a life we want.  We remember that we are able to do things we are called to do, not that we were obligated to do in service to other people.  I want to add a side note that I do believe people need direction and guidance—they do not need their lives dictated to them.  And that is where listening to the voice inside pays off.  That is where we find who we are.

We have created an existential crisis on some levels with the availability of goods and resources.  We’ve lost the meaning of work that has meaning because we’ve made the goal acquiring money.  And anyone who is on this path knows that isn’t what we are really looking for.  We are seeking the freedom to live our lives as we see fit. If we are honest with ourselves and stop pretending we don’t know what we need we will get that freedom.  There is no crisis when you answer your intuition.  When we are in our integrity and do what we are meant to do all becomes clear.

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