Alchemy of the Mind and Body

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“We are the alchemists of our own bodies.  You can change your own chemistry just by breathing, cold exposure, and mindset.” Wil Hof. After not being able to properly take care of my body for almost eight weeks, I couldn’t agree more.  Additionally, my mind went through some really dark things and it’s impressive the level of perceived control we let external circumstances (and sometimes internal) take control.  I had to pull myself up every day and remind myself that I had a reason to exist.  And I see how intricately the body is tied to the mind. 

I’m making it a point to bring health to my body and to appreciate what my body does.  It can always endure more than we think and if our minds are aligned with a purpose, we can go even further than that.  I struggle with slowing my mind so I am making sure to start each day with gratitude and pulling some cards to sent the intention for the day and to connect with myself.  I have every intention of being around for my child and I am in awe of how the body can come back from anything.  We truly have a purpose that we are meant to fulfill.

I love the idea of being an alchemist of our bodies because it reminds us that there really isn’t anything we need externally that isn’t provided for us.  Food, water, air, and with some ingenuity, we have the materials for clothing and shelter—they are all readily available. We can let go of the idea that we have to be a certain way because all we have to be is integrated in nature. Our bodies don’t NEED a television to survive.  They don’t require $500 shoes.  We don’t need a Bentley to get to work.  We will live without gold and diamonds.  But we require the elements nature has given us and we require human interaction.

We have more power than we think we do as long as we take the time to connect.  I’ve been examining my need to control and the things that make me angry as well as my fears and what I want to do.  I realized how often I have been feeling bad and that I have a really negative mindset.  And I realized I didn’t want to feel like that anymore—and that I was doing it to myself.  Every day.  All the time. 

I choose to learn to work with my mind and slow down enough to hear what I really need.  To change my mindset to connect with source first.  I choose to let go of the things that make me angry because it isn’t getting me anywhere.  I choose to let go of distraction and to focus on what is really important.  I choose to connect with my body and to treat it well so I can be here for my son.  With practice every day I will get closer to the goals that matter.  And as I have been taking steps toward that, as I have peeled back the layers of what has made me feel like crap, I have felt better. It starts with recognizing what we don’t want and leaning toward how we want to feel.  Then take the steps to get there.  I may not ready to run a marathon yet, but tonight, I can take a bath. 😊          

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