Miracles, Everywhere

Photo by Takeshi Arai on Pexels.com

“The energy of miracles can’t manifest in your life if you don’t act miraculously,” Rachel Wolchin.  Even at my lowest point this week, I am proud of myself for at least attempting to see the positive.  I sincerely took the time to connect, to ask for signs, and to believe when they were brought to me.  As painful as this week has been, I know that from the moment I decided to move my life in the direction I wanted, everything aligned.  The universe really does move to make things happen.  I can no longer NOT believe that there isn’t a reason for everything.

I made the mistake for most of my adult life believing that miracles were only the big things or getting the things you wanted—on a side note I am owning my attachment to materialism which I will address later.  Miracles are everywhere everyday.  The fact that we exist is a miracle; all of the events that had to be in place to create our specific existence are nearly countless.  From the moment the universe exploded into existence, to the timing of the creation of all of your family members up to the moment of your creation, we are all the result of divine timing.  Our bodies and how they move, how they are so full of life is a miracle.  Every living thing around us, the concepts we create in our minds, the art we view—it is all miraculous.  The fact that this world naturally provides what we need—it is all miraculous.

There are ways to train yourself to see the miracles in your life.  The one I practice the most is gratitude.  Gratitude tied to a why is one of the most powerful ways to keep the miraculous nature of the earth at the forefront of our minds.  The goal of a gratitude practice is to be present in the moment of all that is and to appreciate it for all that it is. 

If you want to see more miracles, get connected.  Develop a new understanding of what a miracle is.  And believe. In a “need to see it to believe it” society, belief in the miraculous is challenging.  We aren’t taught to act from faith, we are taught to demand proof.  Ironically, proof is exactly what got people into trouble centuries ago.  And we whittled down the beauty of this existence to something so clinical, that we have now lost touch with the softer (but no less powerful) faith.  I am super guilty of this.  There was a point I had so little faith in life that I could literally be holding something and not trust it was real.  What a limiting belief, and how sad to live without magic.

No one is at fault for that incredulity, but it is our responsibility to resurrect that connection and that trust in the universe.  I’ve never been a particularly religious person, but I’ve always maintained some faith.  I see now how little faith I had, but I kept it.  We all know tragedy and pain but that does not stop the world form moving and those thing do not devalue the miracle that is life.  In fact, those things give life more meaning.  They make life more precious and they make us pay attention and keep us presence.  And presence is where life is—because it is all happening now.  That is the miracle: we get the now, and we can make it what we want.

Slow down and listen to what your body is telling you.  Hear your heart and your breath.  Feel the twitches and twinges.  See yourself and really acknowledge your existence.  Then be grateful.  You have a body, you have a mind, you can create the means to do whatever you want.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it only matters what it feels like.  Learn to be in your skin for a while and to really connect with yourself.  Then be grateful again. 

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