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“The last great battle will not be fought in a field, but in the minds of humankind,” The mind unleashed official.  I have been fighting this battle on a personal level for years now.  My entire life, really.  Do I love myself, or hate myself?  How do I reconcile those thoughts?  Our minds are so powerful, they have the ability to bring us to our knees or to raise us to heights we never knew existed.  That is just on the personal front.  When it comes to humanity, the way our minds are programmed can either save or damn us, quite literally.  If the last year has shown us anything, it is how deeply, intricately, indelibly entwined we all are.  Not just with physical action, but with thought.

During this pandemic we have also undergone a social uprising.  I feel like only in a country as filled with privileged people as this one would those with privilege have the audacity to take a global pandemic and throw in the issue of race as well, as if race were the cause of the problem and not racism.  Quite frankly, it’s disgusting that the topics of race are still an issue.  Perhaps I’m fortunate, mainly because I saw both sides growing up.  I witnessed racism and I also witnessed the inclusivity and I was given clear direction on which side was right—and I was also taught where these issues stem from: fear and ego. 

The mind, more specifically the ego, is the only thing on earth that could make a people responsible for global issues rather than look at the collective role. That is how we end up justifying heinous, deadly actions against others.  Ego tells us what is good for one must be good for all and anyone that doesn’t fit that mold is bad.  More justification.  All of this is mind work.  And until we can control the mind and put things in perspective, we will continue to hurt each other—which serves no one.  Ego is also responsible for fear.  Fear used to be born of survival but as we’ve evolved, our ego has equated survival to commercialism and identifying superficial differences as dangerous.

The mind is the most powerful tool we have.  We can apply it to anything and it depresses me that in this day and age we waste it on power and proving who is the best.  We’ve taken the greatest biological computer in existence and have used it in a pissing contest at best and to subjugate and dehumanize people at worst.  Granted that is a result of inherent biological programming and outdated social beliefs, but we know better now.  We know better so we can do better.  That is our obligation.  Get control of your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs. Speak when you see something wrong.  More importantly speak when you see something right and be an example of that.  The choice is ours.  

I’ve often thought how tragic it would be to lose something because we couldn’t communicate, because we didn’t understand, or simply because we were too wrapped up in ourselves to see beyond what we want.  Samuel Johnson said, “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”  Recognizing that there is worth in everyone simply in their existence is key.  We aren’t designed to classify and rank people—we are designed to work together to fulfill our purpose.  And to help others fulfill their purpose.  The mind is already a personal battleground for most of us—a majority already struggle to even like themselves.  Don’t let it become the stomping grounds for hating the existence of the world.        

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