A Drop of Positivity

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

On this day, with everything going on socially and politically, we need some positivity.  We need to remember to be stronger than any of the heinous, needless rage being demonstrated today.  It’s sickening to see people behave like this—and these are the actions of scared, lonely, pitiful men.  It is our time to stand firm and demonstrate we will no longer tolerate this deadly nonsense.  And one way to do that is to let their destructive behavior take down the root of what is really the issue: the incessant systemic racism and lusting after power at any cost.  It’s ALL on display today—there is no denying it.  So let’s do something different.

We need to be stronger together than the push to divide us.  Hate can do a lot of things if you let it, things you never thought you would do.  Love can do even more—more than hate ever could.  What we are witnessing is the dying cries of a wounded animal, the last fight before its last breath.  Now is not the time to lament what is happening.  The very nature of these people perpetrating this disgusting behavior tonight would suggest that this was inevitable.  So tonight is the night to stand firm in the conviction that what is best for the whole will prevail.  I don’t mean to suggest that we simply stand by and let this happen—I suggest that we allow this ugliness to be exposed for all it is because we all know what it is really about.      

“Stepping onto a brand new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation which is not nurturing to the whole..” Maya Angelou.  This is a new path for all of us and what that requires now is the steadfastness of our belief in what is coming and the conviction to follow through on our belief for the betterment of ALL.  The first step in the betterment of the entire entity is to make sure you are the best version of yourself, that I am the best version of myself. 

I’m remembering that my very existence is alchemical, and my role is to continue that magic.  That means integrating and accepting what won’t change, taking radical ownership of ourselves, and moving on.  For everyone, remember to be real with yourself and accept your role in your situation.  Even if it was as a spectator, now you know you need to be active.  Your choices get you where you are.  So make the choice to participate.  To commit.  To do your best.  To change your routine, your thoughts, your perspective.  Make the choice to live your life and don’t let life live you.  You get to say what you want and what you don’t want.

We are all experiencing a shift right now.  We feel the underlying pull that something isn’t quite right.  So, like the river, we move to the other side and continue our flow.  Determined.  Unrelenting.  But also entirely flexible.  The universe never said we had to be a certain way—we did that to determine our worth in an archaic system.  To see the worth in others, to make at-a-glance decisions about who people are so we could love/hate them or respect/despise them. 

We never looked deeper because we were afraid.  Afraid of losing ourselves or our possessions.  That call, that subtle warning (now visible on a large scale) is now telling us to go deeper.  We have to get beneath the surface and question our standards and our values.  All it takes is one different choice, a new curiosity.  It always starts with us.  We’ve been selfish about the wrong things.  We needn’t be selfish at all.  We need to be purposeful and curious and open and accepting.  These are the lessons we need to teach.  Let’s be the example for good.  May we all find love again.   

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