What’s Next?

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Intention can be summed up like this “Don’t focus on what this year will bring you, ask yourself what you will bring to this year,” Jay Shetty.  We have been given an opportunity on both a personal and social level to re-create the intention of this year, our lives, and our society.  We can’t allow the actions of yesterday (quite literally after the madness in the Capitol) determine or set the course for how things will be. 

It is time to step up and step in to what we really believe in.  As I said yesterday, that starts on an individual basis.  You want more presence?  BE present.  You want more love?  BE love.  You want to be more productive?  Be purposeful with your time.  You need to be more attentive to others?  Listen to your gut and get out of your head.  If you want to go somewhere, MOVE.  You need to change?  Decide and commit to that vision.  You want to live more authentically?  Take personal accountability.  You want more peace?  Get organized in everything and clear out all the clutter (mental and physical).  You need more faith?  Make time to connect with source. 

There is always a solution.  And given the importance of connection, it seems logical that connection is the first step.  It struck me that we are in a position now where we are in desperate need of knowing who we are again, to come back to love.  In knowing ourselves we can come from a state of love again.  As I was writing today a phrase came to me that seemed really appropriate: Please help me love myself enough to bring my gift to the world.  Hate is born of fear and it’s easy.  Love is born of courage which is why the word stems from the heart.  When we let go of the fear of who we are and step into the vulnerability, we unleash a powerful force of hope onto the world.  That is the only power we need to fight for and it is available to all of us.    

I will say it over and over again no matter how redundant: we can make what we want of this life.  My question is why in the hell would we choose hate?  Why would we choose misery?  It’s such a better view from a place of worth—and we are all worthy.  It is not our role to undermine or belittle each other until we forget who we are.  It is our role to soften and remember who we are so we can lift each other up.  We haven’t made that a natural feeling yet, but with practice it will become innate. I hope you are all strong enough to love yourself well enough to share your gifts.  We need all we can get.      

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