Connection Counts–Pausing to Find Yourself

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This year has been different to say the least.  Challenging, frustrating, devastating.  But also enlightening, revealing, full of potential.  As 2020 winds down, I’m spending more time alone—both self-imposed and due to other circumstances.  I will be spending Christmas away from my extended family and I struggle with that.  We’ve never had a Christmas apart, and one of my lessons for 2020 was how important my family is, so spending this time apart is really difficult.

With that being said, I know that things are changing and there are more things in my life that I am working toward changing.  That means embracing opportunities for change.  If I can’t be with those I love, I need to be an example of self-love and I need to love those I am with a little extra.  I have taken the rest of this week off in an effort to disconnect from the chaos of my 9-5 and reconnect with myself. 

Today’s Spiritually Fly message said to, “Take the time to shut out the outside world and connect with your inner-self in a peaceful and comfortable environment.  Turn off the mind-chatter and listen to your inner voice of wisdom.  Love and Trust yourself more.”  The universe speaks in many ways to us.  In the last 24 hours alone, I have been graced with affirmation upon affirmation that I am on the right path.  This message popped up today just after I had decided I needed some mental health days.  I was delayed in leaving work yesterday and I was able to see the Great Conjunction when I got home. We were able to drop off the last of our Christmas gifts to my husband’s parent’s today and able to see them for the first time in months. And I love sharing these messages.

We are entering a season traditionally enveloped in consumerism and escapism, but I find myself filled with hope (in spite of feeling out of my element without my family) that I am able to wind down and reconnect.  It is so important to fill our own cups, and I will say that I have definitely felt the need to fill my own cup.  This season has a different meaning this year.  It’s about remembering what we have, appreciating the time we have, and making moves for the future.  It’s about staying wide awake and doing what is aligned with our highest selves.  I’ve started this time off with creating a healthier environment for myself—clearing out and organizing and doing a lot of body care.  Remember to find ways to fill your own cup.  😊      

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