Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for redesigned priorities.  I’ve faced a lot of transitions this week and each of those situations has helped me clarify what is really important—beyond what I thought I wanted.  In each case, while I have had twinges of frustration that things didn’t seem to be going my way, I have simultaneously felt clearer, more guided, and more aligned.  My priorities weren’t necessarily the priorities that I needed to focus on.

Today I am grateful for my health.  That has become my main priority at this point and I am developing a plan to figure out what is going on with me as well as a plan to keep myself on track once we have an idea of what the issue is.  I’m also grateful that I’ve spent the last several months already adjusting and working on my food intake because I knew my health was going to be a priority.

Today I am grateful for time well spent.  Part of reprioritizing is also revamping how I spend my time.  We are gifted with only so many days and it is important to spend them wisely.  What that means to each of us is different, but I know that means doing things that bring me joy, that bring me closer to my purpose, and things that are fulfilling.  All of that has a new meaning to me now.  Taking care of my health means I will be around to take care of my family and those who need me.  So I am grateful to make decisions on how to purposefully spend my time.

Today I am grateful spontaneity and for my parents in particular for going along with it.  Today is my husband’s birthday and we were able to (safely) go out for a few hours this morning and my parents took our son so we could take a break for a little bit.  My husband and I were able to spend some time together not focusing on the house or on work and I was able to bring him somewhere he wanted to go.

Today I am grateful for confidence.  There was a brief incident today where I had made a mistake while I was out with my husband.  Some of the (very few) people who were there noticed and a few people made comments.  I stopped for a little bit and sat out for about 30 minutes to gather my bearings.  In that moment I realized that is what I always did—and just as quickly that I didn’t want to be that person anymore.  I picked up and joined in again.  I am a fully grown adult—and I had almost let someone talk me out of doing what I wanted to be doing simply because they were judgy.  I literally said, “Not today,” and tried again.  We ended up having a great time.

Today I am grateful for my sweet son.  He has been struggling with the current state of things lately.  He’s a toddler and he has been hearing a lot of, “No” lately when it comes to the things he wants to do.  Perfectly normal stage, I know, but I can see that with things being so restricted now, his frustration is building and building.  In spite of that, he absolutely amazes me.  We are in the process of reorganizing and I had some cloth bins sitting in his play room waiting to be put into the cubes for the last week.  Tonight he came into my room and asked me to come see what he did.  He had opened the bins and started putting his toys in them.  Such a sweet boy.                

 We all have a lot to be thankful for—I hope you all have a wonderful week!        

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