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Josh Shipp said, “You either get bitter or you get better.  It’s that simple…the choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you.”  I like saying it like this: you get better or you get bitter—the only difference is the “I.”  Too often we forget our inherent, innate power.

Life is a series of transitions and changes, and right now (well, this year in particular) we have been forced to adapt and change over and over and over again.  There are no answers for what is going on right now.  People are desperate to get back to some sense of what they knew as normal—because it had an element of control.  My life has been no exception and I am in the process of realigning.

The truth is control is an illusion.  Yes we have control over when we wake up, when we leave for work, what clothes we wear.  But control over the grand scheme of things is non-existent.  We are on a divine plan, not our own.  We create situations of control to feel empowered.  Real power is derived from a sense of knowing who we are, not from what we acquire or what we attempt to have power over.  Power is in our relationships with ourselves. 

Upheaval and change, especially unexpected change can create a sense of anxiety as well as a sense of anger.  But understanding that life really does guide us where we need to be is a step toward engaging with the natural flow of things.  Upheaval isn’t always a bad thing—sometimes it is the universe saying you are ready to level up and it is time to move on.

There is a lot to be bitter about this year.  There have been innumerable losses (many of them preventable–alas, that is a different story) of people, jobs, things that have torn away who we thought we were.  Yet there is this remarkable chance to create a new foundation for ourselves, one based on who we really are.  That gives me hope.  I choose to be better.  I choose to keep the bitterness out of my heart.  I choose to do more than make the best of other people’s bad decisions—I choose to make my own decisions.  I choose to love this life and to be grateful for it because I have a life.  Choose better. 

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