Photo by Sourav Mishra on Pexels.com

“Evolving involves eliminating” Erykah Badu

In this spirit I have begun the process of eliminating.  I’ve let my physical environment get out of hand so it feels good to organize and clean.  It makes things clear.  And it does feel like it’s opening space to bring me where I want to be.

But I’m also working on eliminating the emotional setbacks.

Eliminating the fear.  Eliminating the emotional clutter.  Eliminating the confusion.  Eliminating toxic relationships.  Eliminating wasted time.  Eliminating perfection.

Let it all go.

Then breathe in the moment.  Take what is.  Accept.  Breathe again.  And know that is all you need to do right now.  Breathe.

Eventually it will make sense.  I’m not saying I have a clue what that feels like because there is a lot that doesn’t make sense to me.  But I do know what feels good.  I know what feels better than before.  Maybe that is enough.

Maybe feeling better is the only indicator we need to tell us where to go when we feel like we are at the bottom.  And it does feel better to decide when something feels better.

So here we are.  Heading somewhere.  We will know when we get there.  😊    

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