Curiosity Over Pressure


Follow your inner moonlight, don’t hide the madness—Allen Ginsberg

In looking at what we want to change in our lives, overwhelm often creeps in easily.  I know it happens to me…a lot. So I’m simplifying.  Rather than look at change as a punitive process, or as something I “should” be doing, I’m looking at my curiosity around the situation and how I feel.  I’m questioning rather than dictating.  For example, instead of saying things like, “I need to accept all of me” I’m asking, “What would it feel like to love me?” 

Connecting to the feeling of the desired change makes it easier to transition through the change.  Creating questions allows us to explore options rather than try to adhere to preconceived ideas about what things should look like.  You can ask anything.  Some of what I’ve come up with is What would it feel like to let go of anxiety?  What would it feel like to not be angry?  What would it feel like to not take things personally?  What would it feel like to step into my power?  What would it feel like to be connected to source?

A habit of mine is to take on a ton of projects all at once.  I’d get overwhelmed and end up not finishing any of it.  Rather than looking at a massive to do list and trying to change everything at once, I’m breaking down the process in one area at a time.  I’m going with what feels right.  Focusing creates progress and makes it easier to branch out into other areas. 

So let’s all promise to be a little gentler with ourselves.  Let’s engage our curiosity.  Let’s look at our lives as the grand experiment that they are and accept where we are.  I think we will all feel amazed at the weight that falls off of our shoulders. 

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